Remember This Before You Fill Your Child’s Nursery School Admission Form.

Nursery School Admission Form
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And why the Montessori curriculum can be the best for your child’s early development.

Before you hurry to fill your child’s nursery school admission form, here are a few facts that will help you find the best Montessori curriculum in Noida.

A nursery school is basically categorized as a school for children between the ages of about two to five. Nursery schools were implemented relatively later in school systems after it was recognized that early childhood is a very crucial stage in human development. The significant increase in demand for daycares due to an increase in the number of women stepping out of the house assuming work roles also contributed to the implementation of nursery schools.

MC Millan is regarded as the originator of the concept of nursery schools. Throughout the twentieth century, the adoption of nursery schools by public education was constrained because of their cost and the common belief held that the best place for children below school age is to be with their mother at home.

The general trend for nursery schools at the beginning of the twenty-first century was to provide a play-based developmentally appropriate curriculum helping in preparing children for school.

Benefits Of Nursery School Education

There is no doubt that the most important years of learning begin from birth. During the early years, especially 3-5 years, children are capable of absorbing a lot of information thereby setting the foundation for socialization, language acquisition, and attitudes towards learning. It is scientifically proven that the brain grows most rapidly in the early years therefore well-trained teachers with developmentally appropriate programs can have a significant and long-term impact on improving the learning outcomes of children.

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The benefits tend to be greater for children coming from impoverished backgrounds or disadvantaged children with little or no access to basic facilities like food, sanitation means, books, and play resources.

Difference Between Preschools and Nursery Schools

The terms nursery school and preschool are often used interchangeably but they’re not the same. Some nursery schools accept children as young as six weeks and have infant rooms. Some nursery schools also accept school-going children for after-school care. Whereas, preschools on the other hand tend to mainly accept children in the appropriate school-age only.

A preschool may only have lunch and afternoon snacks, whereas nursery schools offer all three meals, that is breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

While nursery schools lack a formal curriculum, preschools tend to follow a prescribed curriculum along with trained teachers.

Nursery School Curriculum 

Key areas are – theme-based concept time, fine and gross motor development, cognitive development, enhancing communication skills, maths and language skill development, expression through art and drama etc.

Activities involved to inculcate these areas range from storytime, sand play, library time, sensory time, water play, puppet shows and skits, a celebration of festivals and special days, creative time to field trips.

Factors To Be Considered While Selecting Nursery School

The very first factor to be considered is your child’s needs and learning style. Ask yourself questions about what type of environment would be best suited for your child, does your child require more individual attention and has any special learning needs? How does your child learn best- by listening? Watching? Or by reading? Does the child enjoy working alone more or in groups? Best schools are those that encourage and inculcate a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset.

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It is significant to consider factors like proximity, the curriculum and academic programs offered, approach to learning, cost, academic performance, diversity, behavior policy, safety, size, facilities and services, student-teacher interaction, parent engagement, reputation, etc. All these factors help make a more informed decision.

Global Indian International School (GIIS) is the best nursery school in Noida for children.

The age group for nursery students at Global Indian International School, Noida is 2.5 years and above. Award-winning Global Montessori Plus Program (GMP) is offered, which is a blend of Montessori approach combined with the best practices of modern pre-school education. It boasts of being the ‘Only’ international pre-school curriculum of its kind.

The five pillars of GMP are- Excelerate Program, Multi-Faceted Learning, iPlay Program, iCare Program, and Future Ready Program.

9 GEMS integrated with Montessori curriculum aid in providing all-around development of children, sculpting their creative, leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

GMP induces a sense of social responsibility, environmental consciousness, and cultural awareness, along with the development of motor skills, expressive skills, and cognitive skills.

GIIS develops immaculate social skills, healthy competition, the importance of teamwork, and critical thinking by providing children with a host of extra-curricular activities. This helps boost confidence and ignite their individual skills.

The guidance and training given to students by expert faculty helps to cope with primary school education and ensures a seamless transition to the next level of learning.

The nursery school admission form is available on the GIIS website.


Nursery schools play a crucial role in developing children’s appreciation of sharing, cooperation, fairness, mutual respect, and other important social skills, therefore it is very important to make a well-informed decision since an early age is a foundation for a brighter future.

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