The first public beta of iOS 12 is available

The first public beta of iOS 12 is available
Written by Uneeb Khan

IOS is the best operating system in the Smartphones world. There is no doubt that many people use Apple devices on standby. Apple is Constantly launching different types of devices & IOS for users. They develop it more than more. Further, recently Apple launched the best iPad for users.

Apple has already released two closed beta versions of iOS 12.  Intended exclusively for developers (or rather, for the owners of the corresponding accounts. It is not at all difficult to become one).

Now the first public test build has finally appeared. Allowing everyone to get acquainted with the system. The release took place tonight. You can read more tech articles at Talkbuzz

Aside from grouped notifications and Siri Shortcuts. The 12th generation of Apple’s mobile operating system brings a host of small changes. For example, in “Messages” when you click on the profile picture, shortcuts appear. Call buttons, FaceTime, and open a contact card. It will be possible to share passwords in a secure way through AirDrop. New functions will appear in 3D Touch (for example, pressing the camera icon hard will activate the QR code scanning mode).

The beta of iOS 12

One of the biggest innovations will be group FaceTime call:

It will be possible to view photos in the RAW format right in the gallery (which, by the way, is not allowed by the built-in tools of desktop Windows). Apple Music search will become so smart that it will find songs by fragments of their lyrics. And Apple also decided to abandon many smooth animations so that the system visually worked faster. It is because of this smooth interface that iOS sometimes lags behind Android.

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In fact, there are many different changes in the twelfth version of iOS. A significant part of them is traditionally related to security issues. Thanks to the public beta build, you can join the testing. But remember – it’s best not to do this on your main device.

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