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6 Amazing Traditional Sweets of Pakistan

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Written by Shabana Akram

After a meal, we normally crave something sweet. The majority of people cannot fulfill their hunger until they consume some sweets or a sweet dish. As a result, sweets are an important part of our lives. Marriage, engagement, childbirth, Eid, religious festivals, and a variety of other occasions in Pakistan feel incomplete without sweets. There are a lot of bakery near me like Bread & Beyond and others that offer delicious and tasty sweets to satisfy your taste buds.

We’re going to show you some of Pakistan’s most famous desserts.

Chum Chum

Gulab Jamuns’ sister is Chum Chums. It’s white and has a slight flavor change. Chum Chum are traditional Bengali sweets that people consume widely across the subcontinent. Pakistan is no exception, and Pakistanis love chum chum on every occasion. It comes in a variety of colors, including light pink and light yellow, in addition to white. As a finishing touch, it’s dusted with coconut or mawa flakes. A single Chum Chum usually isn’t enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. It tastes so good that you lick your fingers after you’ve finished eating it.

Ras Malai

Ras Malai is constantly in demand, no matter what time of year it is. While Pakistani sweets change with the seasons, you can enjoy this dish all year. The ingredients are readily available, but the cooking technique will determine whether the recipe succeeds or fails. It’s not only technical, but it’s also temperature sensitive, to say the least.

Milk cheese curd balls must be made, a sweet syrup made with milk and loads of sugar. Moreover, you need pistachios and almonds for the topping. Cooking needs a great deal of care. This is especially true when it comes to the creation of balls.

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Then, you should chill them in the refrigerator while preparing the rest of the ingredients. One can find ras malai in every Pakistani milk shop and bakery near me, like Bread & Beyond. In fact, you can find it on almost every street in Lahore. It’s safe to say that ras malai is a popular dessert in Pakistani restaurants too.


Pattisa is a delicious dessert with a trendy look. It is well-known for its visually impressive presentations. Pattisa is a creamier and softer version of the traditional Soan Papdi. The Soan Papdi, on the other hand, has a slight crunch and texture. People go nuts eating this delectable, mouth-watering dessert because the Desi ghee increases its rich flavor. Pattisa is a must-have in every occasion or celebration.

Pattisa - B&B


In Pakistan, kheer is one of the most popular sweet foods. Ready-to-eat kheer is available in almost every grocery store in the country.

You need rice and sugar, but the cooking temperature and time are what contribute to the creamy flavor of kheer. Firstly, you should cook the rice until it is tender. It’s necessary to boil and simmer the milk. Then add the cardamom seeds to the milk. The rice and sugar are mixed into the milk, which is then slowly cooked for two hours.

The mixture must be stirred every now and again throughout this period. If you don’t, the mixture will stick to the bottom and maybe burn. To prevent this from happening, the flame should be kept as low as possible while being constantly monitored. Pistachios and almonds add the finishing touches after a lot of effort and focus. It’s deliciously heated, but it’s equally delicious cold. If you want to free yourself from the hassles of cooking kheer at home, look for a bakery near me and get it from there.

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Kheer - B&B


A sphere-shaped confection from the Indian subcontinent is laddu or laddoo. Flour, grease (ghee/butter/oil), and sugar are the main ingredients of laddu. The common ingredient of laddu is gram flour. However, people also use semolina. You can also use ingredients like chopped almonds and/or dried raisins. The ingredients used in each recipe may differ. People usually serve laddu frequently during religious and celebratory occasions.



Stiff dough, all-purpose flour, and our Pure Ghee are the main ingredients for balushahi. Balushahi has a somewhat flaky texture and is quite sweet and flavorful. Balushahi has its origin from Mughal cuisine, and people love its savory taste.

Balu Shahi- B&B

The Final Verdict!

No matter which sweets you like, Pakistani cuisine has something for everyone. Regardless of your location and city, you can find bakery near me and treat yourself to amazing sweets. Bread & Beyond is a reliable option when it comes to getting hygienic sweets and bakery items.

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