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Evening Desert Safari – Collect the Sunset Bliss of the Dunes

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Dubai is the region of experiencing utmost joy and fun-filled ventures for the voyagers. The city is brimming with worthwhile views and exceptional leisure activities. Among the renowned frivolous places of Dubai, its conservation reserve is a famous destination for recreational activities. Evening desert safari Dubai is located in the southern region of the city. The spectacular Arabian Desert is the exclusive national ranch of the city. It attracts hundreds of travellers to its premises. 

To get into the arms of nature, heritage, and gripping activities; we headed out for an evening desert safari in Dubai. Our travel partners were Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. They suggested an evening tour as it covers all the major happenings of a desert tour. So, to experience an elfin sunset, we made the deal for an evening expedition to the Dubai dunes. 

Check out what an evening desert tour in Dubai looks like.

How to Spend an Evening at the Dunes of Dubai

  1.   Make Your Way to the Desert

It takes about half an hour to reach the dunes. Our journey to the dunes was started by a pickup in a 4×4 off-road vehicle, sent by team Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. The driver was highly skilled who rode us smoothly to the conservation reserve. The company also offers self-driven deals in which people get free car parking places as well. A standard evening desert safari in Dubai begins before sunset.

  1. Get on Your Favorite SUV

Desert sports of Dubai are globally famous. The dune arena keeps room for every kind of adventure freak. Try hitting the high dunes in a dune buggy or cross the terrain on a sandboard. You can also throw a dare-devil statement on quad bikes. Let’s get into the details of these crazy desert sports.

  •         Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is a crazy maneuver of skilled riders. The riders of the dune arena are mastered in drifting the SUVs and keep licenses for their work. We had this insane ride in a land cruiser along with the tour guide from Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. The dune arena also invites adrenaline junkies to try out dune bashing in other SUVs. These include Nissan Patrol, wrangler jeep, land rover, and dune buggies. Choose the terrain vehicle of your choice and create an unforgettable memory of thrilling desert places to explore with friends. This dune bashing is the most experiencing activity in Dubai.

  •         Sand Boarding

Glide on the Arabian sand by fixing your feet on a sandboard. Sand skiing is a balancing skill in which a surfer goes smoothly on the grainy surface in a static motion. People of all age groups enjoy this activity as the ground is pretty favorable for it. IF you know to surf a wooden board, sand skiing in a desert safari is a must-try activity.

  •         Quad Biking

Quad biking is also a super enthralling sport like dune bashing. In this, the rider drifts solely across the dunes. The quad bikes are loaded with safety kits and you’ll be guided on how to use them in case of any mishap. However, quad biking is not that difficult sand sport as the grainy texture of the sand allows the wide tires of a quad bike to drift smoothly in it.

  1.         Captivating Displays

When it’s time for the sun to display its occult, the whole dune arena seems as if still for a while by the occult. Many people opt for an evening desert safari to witness the bewitching display of the sunset. We had the photography session threw by Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. The photographers took amazing shots in groups, with camels, silhouettes, and of our group mates cuddling in the sand. The ethereal beauty of the whole barren of Dubai lies at one place when the dusky hours begin.

  1. Witness the Arabian Heritage

Celebrate your presence on this platform of eccentric activities. There is a whole cultural fest that you can take part in. The campsites invite the visitors to henna artistry, falconry, and to deck out the culture of Arabia. Henna painting is enjoyed mostly by women and kids. On the contrary, guys love to attire themselves in Kandoura dresses and click their swaggy snaps. Falconry is also an amusing display in which the national bird performs hunting stunts upon the call of its master.

  1.   Live Entertainment

An evening expedition to the Arabian barren allows you to be a part of a buoyant crowd. Absorb the striking vibes spread by the energetic dancers. The cultural dance performances include Tanoura dance, fire show, and belly dance. These dance performances are the highlights of this colorful fest in the dune arena. Other traditional dance performances include Khaleeji dance, sword show, and stickman show, etc.

  1.   Buffet and BBQ Dinner

The dinner delight in an evening desert safari sets a visitor on further delight. There is free and unlimited access to chilled soft drinks and snacks. Whereas, Arabian coffee and tea are also served along with a platter full of dates. The tempting dinner introduces delicious bites of Arabian savory paired with international cuisines. Charcoal roasted meat, salads & soaps, and other veg & non-veg dishes await foodies at the buffet station. 

We also had sweet bites out of the dessert menu presented by team Happy Adventures Tourism. The dining experience at the dunes represents the lovely hospitality of the locals and our tour operators.


The jaw-dropping beauty of the barren is admired by every traveler who prints his footmarks on the Arabian sand. If you want to see the true colors of Arabian, an evening desert safari is the best for you. It also offers a chance to take part in recreational activities while enjoying the mesmerizing sunset views. 

Choosing a trusted firm is a crucial part of planning your vacations in Dubai. We luckily got Happy Adventures Tourism LLC who not only planned our trip but also gave a great company. Professional travel partners can make your trip an unforgettable one as you can enjoy the perks of that place recklessly!  


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