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The most exciting new air conditioner coming in 2021

air conditioner coming in 2021
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The summer season is upon us and as we enter the month of May, we have already made the transition from fans to AC’s. While some people might be busy cleaning and servicing their air conditioner at home, others may be on a hunt to purchase the best new AC. 

Fortunately with the higher demand fuelled by the soaring temperatures in India, all the existing AC brands are coming up with new features and technologies at affordable prices. So picking up a technologically advanced AC should not be an arduous task. And if you need financing support, you know you can always fall back on Bajaj Finserv EMI scheme. With no-cost EMI’s, flexible tenures and absolutely no hidden costs, it’s the perfect way to procure your new AC.

If you are looking to buy a new AC, then below are some of the top brands to come up with an exciting product line-up of new air conditioners in 2021. 

  • Lloyd

If you are looking for an AC with all round features then Lloyd AC has always been a go-to brand which balances advanced technologies with affordable pricing 

The all new elegant and stylish LLOYD WiFi Ready Inverter Split AC GLS18I56WRBP is an ideal choice for your cooling needs with its advanced Rapid cooling feature  and economy saving at the same time as this AC comes with 5 Star Rating.

It also offers you dual protection through its Anti-Viral Dust Filter which ruptures RNA of the virus and curbs various microbes such as bacteria, fungi & spores along with its PM 2.5 Air Filter which reduces harmful dust particles present in the air thereby providing you fresh & healthy air. Its Smart 4-Way Swing function makes it easier to spread cool & healthy air across the room in no time.

  • Hitachi
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With its new range of Room Air Conditioners launched in 2021 for the new-age consumer, Hitachi is certainly setting new benchmarks. Inspired by the ever changing seasons, Hitachi has pioneered the concept of Ambience light in this year’s exciting range. Ambience light is an immersive display on the AC which allows users to tune in with their perfect temperature and comfort level.  

Since sustainability is the new norm, all of the newest models come with environment-friendly green refrigerant. In addition, it has introduced a new airCloud Home app for its Wifi enabled AC with a smart geo fencing feature, voice commands and a string of modern technologies embedded. 

  • LG

With an impressive lineup of 54 models in 2021, LG new range of AC’s come with an added focus on energy efficiency due to the peak usage as people spend more time indoors in the pandemic. The Super Convertible 5-in-1 range of ACs can reduce the power consumption from 100% to 80% to 60% or 40% and increase the cooling capacity to 110% when faster cooling is required. 

The new range of Dual Cool Inverter air conditioners is designed to address the pressing need of ‘Health & Hygiene’ which has become a key determinant during an AC purchase. These AC’s are equipped with V Nano Sterilization, HD Filter with Anti-Virus Protection, Dedicated Air Purification ACs and WIFI AC’s that can be operated with voice command, thus making them touch free. 

Additionally, the new line-up also includes 4 models of Eco Super Convertible ACs that offer Air Purification by PM 1.0 Sensor & Display, Ion Diffuser & Filtration system which comprises of Micro Dust Filter and Anti Allergic Filters. The new range of Split AC’s will be available in various capacities & star rating at prices starting at INR 39,990 upto INR 73,990 and are proudly manufactured  in India. 

  • Samsung 
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Catering to the consumers’ needs, Samsung India has launched its 2021 range of air conditioners comprising of multiple models across Wind-Free, Convertible 5-in-1 and On/Off which priced between Rs 36,990 to Rs 90,990. Since consumers are central to Samsung product strategy, the new range of AC take into account the need for clean air, energy efficiency and durability with more people working from home. 

Samsung’s Wind-Free ACs uses 23,000 micro-holes to gently spread air evenly throughout the room, maintaining coolness without any draft and consistent circulation of room air. The range comes with PM 1.0 Filter that cleans the air by capturing ultrafine particles and is believed to capture up to 90 percent dust in 20 minutes and sterilize more than 99 per cent of bacteria, which is twice as fast as the cleaning speed of the PM 2.5 filter. 

The air quality gets monitored through a laser sensor which the user can see through digital 4-colour aurora lighting. The latest Wind-Free ACs are equipped with Motion Detect Sensors (MDS) and automatically goes into an energy-saving mode if it does not detect any human presence for 60 minutes.

  • Voltas

Voltas the No.1 AC brand in India has further strengthened its position with the enhanced version of the Voltas Maha Adjustable Inverter AC which is the result of intensive study around India’s Cooling habits. The Voltas Maha-Adjustable Inverter AC comes with a unique value proposition of ‘Flexible Air Conditioning’ that allows the user to choose from multiple tonnage options (0.75 Ton, 1 Ton, 1.2 Ton, 1.5 Ton or 2 Ton,) resulting in tremendous savings on electricity. 

In addition, Super UVC technology for cleaner air, Superdry mode for instant dehumidification, Higher ambient cooling (at 52 degrees) and eco-friendly refrigerant ( R32) are some of the standout features of this AC. Voltas’ new range of ACs are also coupled with unique & exciting promotional offers for consumers this summer like Lifetime Inverter Compressor Warranty and 5 Year Comprehensive Warranty

Go ahead and indulge yourself with a new AC this summer by visiting the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store and check your pre-approved loan today. 

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