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The days of fake office plants that only serve as dust catchers are over! While the awareness of sustainability is also finding its way into the office, more and more people are dealing with indoor plants and their positive effects on productivity and well-being.

We’ll show you why office plants are essential for your workplace and introduce you to ten green plants that will survive in your office even without a green thumb and create a pleasant atmosphere.

Why you shouldn’t do without office plants

Numerous studies have now proven the positive effects of plants in the workplace, such as:

ü Improvement of the indoor climate

Green plants have been shown to contribute to a better indoor climate. For example, they ensure that the office air is enriched with oxygen and the carbon dioxide is broken down, improving the employees’ ability to concentrate.

 Some office desk plant species can even filter pollutants from the air.

ü Reduction of annoying noises

Plants have the special property to absorb annoying noises such as printer noise or colleagues calling loudly. Thus, office plants are perfect as room dividers between different workplaces, especially in open-plan offices.

ü increase of productivity

As researchers at Cardiff University found, office productivity can be increased by up to 15 percent with office plants. The study was the first to prove the increase in productivity under real circumstances scientifically.

ü Reducing stress

All of these points mean that you feel comfortable in the office and stress has no chance. In addition, thanks to their green color, office plants exude calm and serenity and can thus help reduce stress in the workplace.

These 10 office plants create a pleasant working atmosphere

Rubber tree

The rubber tree is considered the classic houseplant, and for decades it was impossible to imagine any office or living room without it. After a short break, the rubber tree has been experiencing its revival for several years and seems to be more popular than ever. Rubber trees in the office ensure productivity.

Yucca palm

As the yucca palm is also called, the palm lily has its origin in Mexico and is not only very popular as a houseplant but can also be found outside the home, especially in southern regions.

Location: The Yucca palm prefers a partially shady location. Direct sunlight can cause the leaves to fade in color.

Watering: It is better to water the yucca palm too infrequently than too often. The plant stores water in its trunk and can survive long periods of drought more easily than soil that is too moist. In summer you should water the plant once a week, in the colder months once a month.

Green lily

The green lily has its origin in South Africa and is a green eye-catcher in every dreary office.

Location: The green lily prefers bright locations where it is not exposed to direct sunlight.

Irrigation: The green lily also stores water supplies and thus withstands longer periods of dryness without problems. Waterlogging should therefore be avoided. Green lilies are the perfect office plants.

Cacti are the perfect office plants


Probably the most frugal office plant is the cactus, which originated in America. It is used to temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius and can easily handle large temperature fluctuations.

Location: Cacti likes it bright and sunny but also feels comfortable in a partially shaded location.

Irrigation: Cacti are also very frugal when it comes to watering. Only water when the dry soil is slowly loosening from the edge of the pot.

Bow hemp

This plant comes to our offices from parts of Africa or Asia. In his homeland, bow hemp is also grown as a useful plant and is used, for example, as a raw material for bow tendons – hence the name bow hemp.

Location: The bow hemp also likes it bright and sunny. Partially shaded places are also no problem for a plant.

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Watering: Water the office plant sparingly and when the soil is dry. The bow hemp does not tolerate water logging at all. In winter, you should not water the bow hemp more than once a month. Bow hemp is perfect as an office plant.

Conclusion: office plants are better colleagues

As you can see, there is a suitable office plant for almost every place in your office, which not only looks beautiful but can also become a real everyday helper. Stress reduction, improvement of the indoor climate, and increased productivity – which colleague can keep up? 😉

We hope that the right green friend is there for you too! Or do you already have office plants in your workplace?

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