Best Tips to Find Students Online for Private Tutoring

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Famous British Author Sir Ken Robinson has said, “Teaching is a creative profession, not a delivery system. Great teachers do pass on information but what great teachers do is mentor, stimulate, provoke and engage.”

It is a bitter truth that today, the teaching method handled in schools has become rusty and does little to spark creativity in young minds as everyone is caught up with finishing off the syllabus before the examinations arrive. Students hence seek alternatives like online tuition and home tuition for effective learning.

So, it’s not a surprise that there is a huge demand for tuition but to match this, many tutors have to also make themselves openly available. There is plenty of opportunity for tutoring jobs in Singapore and it’s a matter of making oneself more “known” in order to get tuition assignments. 

Teachers are not marketing agents and teaching is certainly not business; so, it is odd to use the terms “promote yourself” and “find students” but all the more, this is how it works. Tuition teachers seek students and students seek tuition teachers; it works both ways.

So, here are some things that private tutors can do to get more tuition assignments in Singapore!


This is the most intuitive thing to do when starting off as a new tutor; certainly, because you need to be known and your voice needs to be heard. Some ways you can place your ads is in the newspaper, through flyers, or even better; through social media.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram amass the attention of large groups of people and hence it’s beyond a shadow of a doubt that an advertisement being put out would gain sufficient attention to bring in tuition assignments.

What information should it contain?

Some important details that your advertisement should contain are,

  • Your name and age
  • A photograph of yourself
  • Your qualifications
  • Your area of expertise in teaching
  • Your previous work experience (if any)
  • Your passion and interests
  • Your expectations of students
  • Your aim and wish for your students
  • Your available timings for tuition session
  • Your fee charge for a tuition session

This fundamental information has to be presented as students will make their decision based on these key points. You can add in more details which you think is relevant but keep in mind that advertisements should not be like long-winded essays.


The power of words can never be under-estimated. You may start off with 2 tuition assignments; but if your teaching is excellent and influential, that will multiply rapidly through your students’ recommendations of you to their friends and their juniors.

Your teaching skills have to be refined, you need to be up-to-date about the educational policies that have been enacted, you need to be aware of the syllabus that has been put out and most important of all you need to be a compassionate tutor who can be patient enough to tutor even the most slow-paced learners.


There are many tuition agencies in Singapore which find tuition assignments for tutors successfully and it’s no doubt that these matches turn out well! Tutor profiles are often detailed and students have the liberty to scroll through and see which tutor would be the best guide to show them to right way to excel in his or her examinations.

The process of finding the right tutors for students is of utmost importance as tutors are not just teachers who teach subject; they are also mentors that guide students to make the right tertiary education choices and career choices.  On top of this, they act as students’ role model and moral compass as well!


The beginnings may always be a bumpy ride and it’s important to hold on tight and be focused on a positive outcome. Private tutoring is an amazing job but tutors need to be persistent enough to handle the challenges that come along as well.

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