A step-by-step guide to pass ACCA Financial Management Exam

ACCA Financial Management Exam
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The ACCA financial management subject is an advanced level of management accounting subject; its syllabus is designed to equip the students with financial management skills. The syllabus includes major topics like relation to investments, financing, and dividend policy decisions.

This subject mainly focuses on financial management and some key topics from the strategic business leader. It is one of the ACCA’s Applied Skills subjects. Because of the subject’s significance, the candidate must have in-depth knowledge and expert-level fluency in arithmetic evaluations to pass its exam.

If you want an effective strategy to pass your ACCA Financial Management exam, you should follow this blog. The blog covers all the aspects of the ACCA Financial Management exam required to best prepare for it. You can follow the step-by-step guide and pass your exam with flying colors.

Here’s what’s in this blog:

  • Exam Pattern

  • Syllabus Guide

  • Tips & Tricks

  • Exam Techniques

Let’s start this blog to help you get through the ACCA FM Exam.

Exam Pattern

The financial management subject lies in the category of ACCA Applied Skills subjects. All subjects in this category follow the same computer-based exam (CBE) pattern. The candidates have 3 hours to attempt the exam, exclusive of 10 minutes given for reading instructions. Moreover, the passing requirement is 50% of marks, similar to other ACCA exams.

The ACCA Financial Management paper has three sections, including different types of questions. However, all the questions are compulsory to attempt to pass the exam. The three sections have the following distribution of question and marks:

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Section A: It includes 15 objective-type questions from the syllabus; each correct question gives off 02 marks from the total 30 marks.

Section B: It comprises 03 Objective-type case scenarios, and each case has 05 questions of 02 marks. The total marks for this section are also 30.

Section C: The constructed-response section that includes 02 questions of 20 marks, each involving various calculations and applications.

Syllabus Guide

This guide will resolve the dispute over what to learn and what to leave. The following listed topics are most important in the FM examination that every candidate should focus on before the exam.

  • Financial management function

  • Financial management environment

  • Working capital management

  • Investment Appraisal

  • Business Finance

  • Business Valuation

  • Risk Management

The aspirants should obtain ACCA financial management notes from online sources that focus on these important topics. Undoubtedly, it becomes quite difficult for students to understand complex topics from ACCA books. That’s why the use of ACCA financial management notes is encouraged. You can get study guides from SKANS ECampus to equip yourself with in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.

Tips & Tricks

Comparatively, the ACCA FM exam is easy to crack; it only requires a grip on mathematical evaluations and basic theoretical concepts. The students are usually frustrated about questions involving mathematical calculations; however, the exam questions are easy and only assess the candidate’s solving techniques.

The most viable tip for the FM exam is to prepare from ACCA financial management notes that contain precise and significant theoretical concepts. Moreover, for arithmetic, the candidates should go for past papers and practice the complex questions until they achieve expertise. And don’t forget to download ACCA FM formula sheet.

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Although you’ll be given FM ACCA formula sheets on exam day, it’s better to download these sheets before, to understand their use properly. However, if you’ll look at FM ACCA formula sheets the first time on exam day, you’ll be confused.

Also, consider the following points:

  • Plan to study for 12-weeks.

  • Complete the whole syllabus.

  • Don’t overlook the objective-type questions.

  • Practice, Practice, and Practice!

Exam Techniques

If you are prepared well and can’t perform well, all of your hard work will go in vain. Please, be mindful of the following exam techniques:

  • Read and understand every question carefully.

  • Don’t forget to look at your watch.

  • Present your answers beautifully and precisely.

  • Draw results and discuss everything with solid facts.

Wish you good luck for the upcoming ACCA exams.

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