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Benefits of Wall Mounted Toilets

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Over the last few years, wall mounted toilets have become a preferred choice for homeowners due to their space saving and aesthetic features. Although hotels and resorts were the first to adopt wall hung toilets, these are now common in household bathrooms.

What is Wall Mounted Toilets?

As the name suggests, wall mounted toilets have the toilet bowl mounted on the wall that leaves space underneath. Unlike floor mounted toilets, these have cistern fixed inside the wall. So, you don’t see anything other than toilet bowl that makes it aesthetically pleasing. Also known as wall hung toilets, these are considered to be an excellent choice for modern bathrooms due to their design, functionality, and ease of maintenance.

Benefits of Wall Mounted Toilets.

Here we have discussed few benefits of installing a wall mounted toilet.

Space Saving.

Wall mounted toilets have their cistern fixed inside the wall. That means nothing will occupy space on the floor other than the toilet bowl. You can easily install them at any place in the bathroom, and it will not feel cramped. Therefore, wall hung toilets are an excellent choice for cloakroom, en-suite, or any other bathroom where you want a space saving option. However, it is important that you find a suitable spot for installation where you have enough room to fix the hidden cistern inside the wall. You can even save more space by choosing compact wall mount toilets that even save more space in your bathroom.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance.

Since wall mounted toilets have their cistern inside the wall, you don’t have less area to clean and maintain. In addition to that, the toilet bowl is a few inches above the floor, leaving space underneath makes it easy for you to clean the floor. In fact, there is no sealants that make your bathroom look neat and tidy. Most of these toilets have a rimless design that means less space to accumulate germs and limescale. Wall hung toilets are highly reliable and rarely need maintenance. Even if you have any issues with hidden cistern, it can be accessed via a flush plate without any need to break the whole wall.

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Design and Style.

Wall mounted toilets are the most aesthetically pleasing and stylish toilets available in the market. Although, available for quite a long time, these are often seen as a modern or futuristic design. A wall hung toilet is now a days a preferred choice for contemporary bathrooms due to its beautiful look. These toilets come in different styles and sizes; you can choose the one according to your personal preference.

Adjustment Flexibility.

A wall mounted toilet has flexibility of adjustment as per you need and requirements. Although, there is recommended height to position it above the floor, you decide about it at your own. For example, if you have anyone in home with limited mobility or someone who has difficulty in bending down at lower position, then wall hung toilets can be a perfect choice in all such situations. Many people believe that as a wall mount toilet has its bowl hung on a wall, it may not hold a person’s weight. The truth is, all such toilets with proper installation can easily support up to 200 kg of weight. However, you must not purposely apply too much force to it.

Summing It Up.

Although Wall mounted toilets are available in the market for the last few decades, these were not common in households. These are often seen as modern or even futuristic design. These toilets have many benefits that include aesthetic design, contemporary look, and easy cleaning. If you are looking a contemporary bathroom, wall hung toilets can be a perfect choice for you. It is important that you consider the position of your toilet carefully and check if the wall can hold on the frame of wall hung toilet.

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