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Linkedin for companies is effective, if you combine it with an inbound strategy.

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When does Linkedin become useful for companies? If you have included inbound in your marketing strategy!

With over 500 million registered users, of which 106 million active every month and 9 million in Italy, Linkedin is the largest professional Social Network in the world. Thanks to the ability to share visual content, posts, and information aimed at a much more professional audience than Facebook, the Linkedin Company Page is a perfect tool for companies to integrate into their marketing strategy. However, your strategy should not be based solely on sharing your content on this social network, and it should be an integral part of your marketing plan. In this way, you can expand your user base and show the article to a qualified audience. As we said before, Linkedin is a “professional” social network, so it is suitable for B2C but above all for B2B.

You can share articles and useful tips that refer to your product, or you can decide to talk directly about what you sell, trying to set your communication on utility and not on sale, please. The rule of the market vendor who yells loudest to get attention leads nowhere. As in personal relationships, the more you can be useful, the more the person in front of you will trust you.

You can decide to show your products to your page’s followers, or you can sponsor your content to show it to a specific target that does not yet know you. The advertising part is very developed, so much so that you can define your target almost under the microscope. Among the three types of ads (sponsored content, text ads, and Inmail messages), the former certainly have a powerful impact because they are accompanied by text, image (1200×627), and shown in the newsfeed.

The cost of sponsorships is different from that of Facebook. What unites them is only the ad format because on Linkedin, the budgets, given the so accurate “targeting,” are much higher.

On Linkedin, you can set the budget both for the amount you want to spend per day and for the maximum bid to be paid for each CPC (Cost per Click), CPM (Cost per Impression), or per CPS (you pay per message sent). The minimum bid you can place when creating a campaign is:

  • USD 10 daily budget per campaign
  • $ 10 total budget per campaign
  • 2 USD minimum bid for CPC or CPM

Before allocating a budget on this social network, read this article to understand how to structure your sponsorships on Linkedin:

Don’t have the company page yet? Here are the requirements to create it

Also, in this, LinkedIn stands out from other social networks. To prevent several company pages from increasing on the platform, LinkedIn is much more restrictive; to create your Company Page, you will have to respect the following guidelines:

  • You must have a private profile set up with your real name and surname.
  • The effectiveness of your profile must be at least at the Intermediate level.
  • The company in question must own a company domain (essential for those who have only one domain and want to create multiple pages that correspond to the various offices around the world, in this case, Linkedin recommends creating showcase pages to link to the main one)
  • You must have a company email address (e.g., added and confirmed on your LinkedIn account. This way, Linkedin makes sure that you are part of that company and are authorized to create a page representing it on LinkedIn.
  • It is impossible to register your company KissAnime page by entering a Gmail account if you do not want the mail to reach your mailbox, possibly create an ad hoc company address to manage the marketing part.
  • Your company’s email domain must be unique to the company.

Linkedin for companies is a great tool, but at the base, you must have an effective Inbound Marketing strategy if you want to be successful online.

Whether you are new or senior on Linkedin, remember to share useful content for your target, then stop for a moment and try to define your Buyer Persona better. Only an ideal representation of your potential customer can help you plan the content to be published first on your blog or website and then on Linkedin. Create an editorial calendar full of useful content if you want to start attracting qualified traffic to your site from social networks, as Inbound Marketing teaches.

Remember that even if today Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, etc .. are free, it is not confident that they are still free in the future, so it is good to integrate them into your strategy, but you must not depend on these tools.

Focus on yours, on your website, to improve your performance. Inbound Marketing is what you need. You are most likely already doing many of the activities we recommend in our free guide but are looking at it all from the wrong perspective.

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