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Start Your Own Home-Business – Best DIY Eyeliner Tutorial

Applying Eyeliner
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“Did someone just say “eyeliners”? OMG, they’re like one of my favorite beauty items!” Though I have something really interesting to tell you about them. They can also be made all by yourself at home!!! Yes, I’m talking about DIY eyeliners here and I’m sure not only you but every single person you tell this about is going to fall in love with this. I can say this because I remember how crazy I went when I got to know that I can make my own eyeliner at home with such simple steps. 

To make a DIY eyeliner, you’re only going to need a few ingredients, literally, and you’re done. The more interesting thing is that since you’re going to know the formula for homemade eyeliners, your production part is complete. Now all you need to do is consider making lots of these eyeliners and sell them.

If you’re willing to start a business selling DIY eyeliners, then keep on reading and I’ll tell you the steps to this DIY and this business.


The Required Ingredients for DIY Eyeliners

Let me tell you first that there is no ingredient that can’t be available easily. You can get everything pretty much easily from anywhere. So let’s head to the list now, shall we?

You’re gonna need:

  • Arrowroot starch (⅛ teaspoon)
  • Activated charcoal (4 capsules)
  • Filtered water
  • Eyeliner brush
  • A container to collect the eyeliner in

To make this eyeliner, get a pair of scissors and cut the charcoal capsules to take all of the charcoal out in the container. Then, add arrowroot powder to the charcoal and mix it up properly. It’s in powder form just yet and has to be a thick paste, actually. For that, you can add a little bit of water so the mixture looks like a thick paste. You can mix the mixture using a toothbrush or any little brush. Your eyeliner is ready to be applied. Now you can test this by using an eyeliner brush on this mixture and see the results all by yourself. 

There are many DIY eyeliners that I tried but sadly none of them came out to be as amazing as this one. The color of the eyeliners was grayer than black which is why I didn’t like them. But you should try this one because even the results are amazing.


How to Turn it into Business

It’’s actually a very easy thing to think about. You see, one of the biggest issues that we face when we’re thinking of starting a business is where to get the products in wholesale to sell them. Or, “how to produce that product all by yourself” as it requires lots of investment. But since there’s no ingredient in this DIY that is expensive or barely available in the market and it’s super easy to make eyeliners at home, then this worry of yours gets vanished instantly. There’s no need to think about the production part that much because that is completely taken care of. 

Now you need two more things: the packaging and an effective marketing strategy. I’d recommend you get custom eyeliner boxes to pack your DIY eyeliners and make sure that you get them designed very carefully and attractively with the aim to attractively. You can easily get these custom eyeliner boxes from the famous brand Dawn Printing. These boxes can do wonders to your business not only in attracting customers and encourage more sales but also build your brand in a very effective way. 

The other thing you’re gonna need is the marketing strategy that you’re going to adopt for your eyeliner selling business. You should highlight the points about your business that are unique and powerful e.g. no one can resist seeing DIY eyeliners at a store. Be as creative as you can and don’t give up. Oh and remember that your customers’ satisfaction should be your number one priority.


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