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Carpet maintenance is absolutely essential, as any visible point on the carpet can stain your image. Approaching a professional carpet cleaning service is critical, as they know what type of cleaning method is right for your carpet. Depending on factors such as the type of material and whether the fabric can withstand the cleaning process, etc., commercial carpet cleaners decide on the cleaning method. Plus, professional carpet cleaners will cause minimal disruption to your schedule, as they’re ready to work at your convenience.

Below are some carpet cleanings methods commonly followed by commercial carpet cleaning services. The most general cleaning systems include shampooing, steam cleaning, and dry cleaning, etc. Regardless of the method used to clean the carpet, you should vacuum everything on the carpet first, especially when a deep cleaning is needed. Carpet owners must understand these methods and identify the most appropriate based on the carpet type, budget, and convenience.



The following equipment is used in this cleaning method: a rotary floor machine also called a floor polisher, which comes with a solution tank and a nylon brush for shampooing. Particles such as loose soil are initially removed by pre-vacuuming the areas where the shampoo is expected to be applied. Once the machine is collected, professionals use it by mixing carpet shampoo. The amount of shampoo to use depends on the manufacturer’s instructions. The cleaners then run the machine in a circular motion across the carpet so that the shampoo is released evenly onto the carpet. The process continues until the letter ‘C’ is formed. They then stop issuing the shampoo and move the machine circularly or in other directions to remove dirt. The shampoo can then be removed by vacuuming the areas. This method is suitable for heavily soiled or traffic pattern carpets.

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Extraction cleaning with steam or hot water

This method requires a steam engine, which is used to inject hot water and cleaning solution into the cleaning areas of the carpet. The machine has a hot water solution holding unit and a tube. To set up, the vacuum hoses and the solution unit are connected to the wand and unit of the machine. To begin the cleaning process, technicians start from the other end and then clean backward, releasing the cleaning solution onto the carpet by squeezing the trigger, while moving the wand back. The process is completed by giving the areas a dry blow with the wand and removing excess moisture. This method is suggested for office cubicles and areas where deep cleaning is needed.


Quick-dry cleaning

As the quick-dry technique allows you to get back to your daily life in a few hours, it is preferred over steam cleaning. The most popular method in this category is hood cleaning, which is a quick-drying, low-humidity cleaning technique. This method requires the same machine used in the shampoo technique, but accessories vary. Here a block driver is used, which is connected to the machine to hold the absorbent pad. The cleaning solution is mixed and dispensed into the pressure sprayer, which can be used to spray on cleaning areas. To begin the cleaning, the technicians buff the areas with the hood pad and move the machine in circular and other directions. All dirt and moisture are absorbed by the hood and the mat will be ready for use in about an hour.

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When running any of these methods, commercial carpet cleaners carry few things, like air motors, fans, chemicals to clean stains, and stain removers.

Air motors and fans:

While the cleaning process is taking place it is common for workers to occupy the area. They move in and out of humid areas to dry areas, making it difficult to completely dry the area. For this reason, to quickly dry wet areas it is essential to carry air motors and fans.


Chemicals and Stain Cleaning Tools:

Carpet Stain Cleaning tools are required for areas where stresses can be found. Chemical stain cleaners and tools such as stain removers, multi-purpose stain removers, and rust removers are essential for cleaning stains.

Ask your carpet cleaner to use a protector at the end of the cleaning process. You can also ask them to spray deodorant.

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