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What Are Different Methods of Carpet Steam Cleaning?

What Are Different Methods of Carpet Steam Cleaning?
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Selection is always difficult especially when it comes to the floor carpets. The families with kids and pets usually, prefer the colorful and dark color carpets. Because naughty kids are difficult to deal with and control. They quickly make the carpets untidy and messy. For these reasons, light color carpets are not reliable. Their cleaning and recovery are very difficult and even a strenuous exercise. You need to put extra effort into light color carpet cleaning.

The stains get prominent over such surfaces and they lose their coloration too, with consistent use. They need attention, care, and deep maintenance, more often. Contrary to it, the dark and bright color carpets are easy in common use and they survive for long times. The next big question that arises is the selection of cleaning methodology whether you do it yourself or ask help from service providers.
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With the developing science and machines, you have got a lot of new variety of cleaning methods. It is all now up to you, which one suits you best? One look for economical and easy in usage process. The tricky ways of cleaning are not admirable and not easily applicable. You need to practice and get the experience of such a technique, first.

What Are Different Methods of Carpet Steam Cleaning?

Types of carpet cleaning methods

The technology developers and progressing science, is bringing multiple new types of cleaning methods for the layman. They are removing the obstacles of difficulty by offering new techniques. This is getting easier and more relaxing for the residents of Australia. They now don’t have to run much for finding solutions to their problems.


Turn on the internet, open the browser button, and search your query. If you want to choose an expert for cleaning the carpets of the house, then remember one thing. They usually apply different types of strategies to the untidy carpets. It is better to ask first and then hire. The various types of cleaning methods are as follows:

  • Hot water extraction method
  • Shampooing your carpets
  • Method of foam encapsulation
  • Bonneting
  • Dry cleaning

These all are the most famous methods of cleaning, which normally every expert offer in Melbourne. A brief description of every method is given below for better understanding:

Hot water extraction method

This method is also famous and well known by the name of carpet steam cleaning services. This is nowadays found on top of the list. This method includes the generation of intense steam from water, through a steam cleaner machine. This vaporous steam is carefully injected into the untidy carpets which produce agitation among the fibers and dirt.

It helps in easy pulling out of the soil particles that are hiding beneath the surface. There is also the use of some cleaning agent in this technique, which is later on rinsed and dried. It is getting trendy because of safe applications and giving remarkable results to the highly dirty carpets. As this does not give any damage to your velvety and beautiful carpets, you opt for this technique without any second thought.

Shampooing your carpets

In some previous years, it was found popular but due to some discrepancies, it is no longer effective. Shampooing helps in reconditioning your dusty carpets. But what bad it does to your carpet is leaving them too wet, along with soapy foam. It quickly re-soil your carpet which is a mess and unhealthy. A lot of rinsing is given in this method that prolongs the drying of carpets. This is not practically helpful.

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What Are Different Methods of Carpet Steam Cleaning?

Method of foam encapsulation

This method uses synthetic base detergents for application, which after its infusion form powder crystals, after drying. It catches all the loosen up dirt molecules, that stay in this dry powder. Afterward, it removes by vacuuming or any brush application.

This technique has much better reviews from the public because of almost no use of water and it took over the method of shampooing. As it uses a lot of water and takes too much time in drying.


In this technique, a high voltage motorized machine is used. It uses a cleaning agent. This technique is assistive and beneficial in hotels and rest houses, as it is fast in fixing the problem of dirt in your carpets. But the main disadvantage of using is not giving extensive cleaning to your carpets. This will quickly attract and settle soil particles.

Dry cleaning

It is the latest and popular innovation in technology. It is getting famous because you have to spend no time drying the surface of the carpet. The other name of this method is compound cleaning. This technique uses a special cleaning powder or compound that is pressed inside the carpet fiber with the help of a rotatory machine. This chemical principally absorbs all hidden dust molecules, which is later on eradicated.

The professional carpet cleaners use their manufactured compound, for treating untidy carpets. The reason for selecting this technique over the others is no water exposure to your carpets. It is a plus point in carpet maintenance. You don’t need to spend many hours drying. People like it very much, only due to this factor.

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