Two Crucial Factors to Consider When Making your Next Sleeve Box Packaging Purchase

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Written by Jennifer Alex

When thinking about getting sleeve box packaging, especially when it comes to bulk purchases, it’s easy for manufacturers to focus on price alone. It happens because they want to get the lowest price possible, so the company can make its products available at market competitive prices.

Sure, it’s enticing to focus on the price alone; there are numerous reasons why this isn’t just a bad idea but an approach that can gravely hurt your business in the long run.

A quick analysis will reveal to you that besides price, there are two other crucial factors that should be considered when purchasing cardboard sleeve packaging: prompt delivery and quality service. Keeping these factors in mind when purchasing sleeve boxes for the brand you for.

Prompt Delivery

When thinking about delivery, you may want to ask yourself some questions about your packaging supplier and consider making a move depending on the answers to those questions.

  • Is the company you are buying from offers free shipping? If not, then why?
  • Are they working with reliable carriers?
  • Do they offer expedited shipping if you need to ship your packaging fast?
  • Does their packaging arrive on time consistently?

The answers to the aforementioned questions will define if your sleeve box packaging will arrive on time or not. If it doesn’t, you won’t be able to ship out your products on time. As a result, your customers will get distressed that you fail to deliver their orders on the expected date you gave them for your purchase.

Do you safely package your orders before shipping them out? An example of this would be packaging inserts, foams, cushions, and bubble wraps. Some products are fragile, and therefore, they need more cushioning to arrive in optimal condition when transported to the end-user or retailer.

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Taking the time out to ask these questions from packaging companies can help you choose the right vendor as you will be able to gauge their ability to meet and exceed expectations. But make sure you turn the answer to your questions into action because it’s the only way to purchase the right cardboard sleeve packaging.

Quality Service

In the beginning, companies or brand managers presume they will get what they were expecting or what they were promised. But when that doesn’t happen, does the customer support of your chosen packaging company rise to the occasion and help tackle the unwanted issue?

Poor customer service could cost you both time and money. So consider asking these questions to gauge the quality of your preferred vendors’ customer service:

  • Does your sleeve boxes conform to the specifications you requested?
  • If not, how the chosen packaging supplier could make the situation right?
  • Does the packaging company provide you with accurate invoicing in a timely fashion? If not, then why?
  • Do they have a return policy?
  • Do they take back packages that fail to meet the customer’s expectations or specifications?
  • What happens when the customer cancels the offer with the company?

Remember, an inaccurate invoicing can lead to a costly headache. Similarly, if a sleeve boxes supplier doesn’t have a sound return policy, look for a better vendor.

Wrapping Up

You must make allowance for all these questions. Else you could be short on money if your sleeve box packaging supplier fails to get a good score on each of the questions mentioned above. Choosing to work with a vendor that fails to meet these criteria can prove more costly than you expect. So think judiciously and ally only with a company that meets these criteria head-on.  The uk time

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