The Most Famous Types of Kaftans

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The most famous type of kaftan which usually women wear on different occasions such as on weddings, dinners, parties, etc is Moroccan kaftan . Moroccan kaftan is famous because of its special embroidery and design. The kaftan from Gulf or Middle East is also very famous due to their modern styles. The Kaftans of other Arabic countries such as Egypt ,Syria Iraq are traditional and old fashioned but the Kaftans in Dubai, Sharjah and other gulf countries are modern and fashion trend setters as compare to other Arabian countries.

Moroccan kaftans have long sleeves and loose structure having a belt on waist and it looks beautiful. In the last decade the world observe an evolution in the styles of kaftan. Beautiful royal colors give kaftan a magnificent look.

Popular Kaftan Styles

  • modern black caftan
  • brocade caftan

Types of Abayah and hijab Varies from Country to Country:

In now a days a new form of abayah  has come to the market which is known as instant hijab woman can wear it hardly in 2 to 3 minutes we can say that it is a instant ready  abayah.

The triangular scarf with abayah:

The triangular scarf with abayah has become a fashion trend which is used by many Muslim models because of its decency and style. It gives a perfect party look and it also gives a practical look. Majority of women in Indonesia Malaysia prefer this style of abayah. abayah online shopping UAE is also increasing day by day.

Square scarf with abayah:

Many women in UAE and other Arab countries wear square scarf with abayah while going to college or to office. Most of them like to wear silk stuff because it gives a formal impression or look . The pashmina abayah with square scarf is very costly because pashmina stuff is rare in many countries.

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Abayah with sateen scarf:

Turkish woman mostly wear abayah with sateen scarf because it is also fashion trend there. There are many other colors available in sateen scarf  that gives a Turkish woman elegant look. Sateen scarf with proper abayah is a dress code in Turkey . And because of that dressing people can easily identify Turkish woman.

Different types of Abayah Fabrics

Ceruti Abayah:

It feels like orange peel surface and it has elasticity.

Silk Abayah:           

It is quite expensive and it has smooth surface

Spandex Abayah:

This a fabric is made up of non natural material and it is smooth as silk.

Rayon Abayah:

This Abayah is made up of jeans stuff.

Rayon Spandek Abayah:

It is a combination of two fibers Royan and spandek.

Polyspun Abayah:

It is made up of polyester.

Voile or paris Abayah:

It is made up of hycon fabrics.

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