Event Got Cancelled? Not a Problem – Here’s What You Can Do

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It feels like coronavirus has engulfed the entire world with its terror. As a matter of fact, it has been on a surge for at least two quarters in 2020 all across the globe. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the outbreak a global public health emergency.

Since large gatherings are prohibited to be conducted in the world, all the events that we had planned to organize in the upcoming days now have to cancel all of them. Well, this sounds shattering, but canceling an event isn’t the only option left in this world surrounded by tech-savvy.

Well, this is the time when we can assess the risks and find ways of how to keep audiences engaged. Well, here are a few alternatives that you can rely upon when you have an event and you don’t want to cancel it.

●     Rescheduling your Event

In the wake of coronavirus in the world, many events have already been canceled. If you’re planning to cancel your event, you rather reschedule it for some other date in the future.

For instance, GDC (Game Developers Conference) – one of the biggest annual conferences for video game developers, the organizers have postponed the event until summer ends. This is also applicable to global events like the Olympics which were supposed to be held in Tokyo this year.

Since the virus has affected the Asian countries adversely, it will no doubt take up to 4-5 months to get things back to normal.

●     Hosting a Virtual Event

If you’re not willing to cancel your event and looking for another option then I must tell you that organizing a virtual event is one of the best options so far. Wondering how? Well, it doesn’t carry any risk factor as it is not prone to COVID-19 at all.

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The event will be organized online and the attendees can attend the event while staying in their own comfort zone or maybe wearing pajamas!

This option is more appealing and cheaper as compared to other ones and is one of the practical options that you can rely on as many countries have imposed restrictions on travel as well.

This is surely an amazing way to stay away from coming in contact with other humans. So, you’ll be maintaining social distancing while keeping your social life active. Sounds great, right?

Are you looking for a real-life like the experience? Well, in that case, Airmeet is the best option for you. Why is Airmeet an amazing option for you? Okay, so, it provides you the exact tone of the authentic in-person event. It renders you with immersive interactions and a great scope of networking.

●     Relocating your Event

Relocating is another useful alternative to canceling or postponing an event. This is another viable option. If you’re really looking forward to the offline event, then you can change the location of your event.

However, the risk factor is still high as COVID-19 is spreading in almost every nation of the world with a huge impact created by air travel risks.

In Conclusion

Therefore, rescheduling, hosting virtual events, and relocating are the best three practices of conducting the events amid this crisis. But make sure you prioritize the safety check of the attendees as well as the organizers.

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