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Winter Styling 101: The Coolest Home Decor Ideas for a Cosy Space

Written by Sarah Contreras

Have you ever heard of ‘Christmas in July’? Between June and August is the middle of the coldest season in Australia. With respect to its British and European heritage, Aussies have a strong attachment to the tradition of spending Christmas in the winter season. That is why some of them are celebrating white Christmas in July, although it’s not an official holiday that replaces the real Christmas in December and not all parts of Australia is receiving snow. 

Whether you enjoy the taste of holiday roasts or the feeling of getting your cold feet warmed up with knit blankets in front of the fireplace in July, there’s always one better way to hibernate yourself in the cold weather and that’s what we call winter styling! 

Winter is a pastel season — the opposite of bright, sunny days — which is why people like to decorate their homes with lanterns and candles to raise the mood and feel warm. While most of us are stuck inside our homes because of the coronavirus outbreak, take this moment to revamp your house. Here are different ways to incorporate winter decors in your living space. 

Add life to your fireplace. 

As the temperature lowers, the fireplace becomes the centre of your living space. Thus, bring your focus toward the fireplace by pulling your furniture pieces closer to it. Place two single sofas on each side of the fireplace with a coffee table parting them to create a cosy gathering spot. Don’t forget to add some furry throw cushions for a warmer vibe.

If your fireplace is close to the window, add some cosy plaid curtains to match with the winter mood. Keep the curtains open in the morning so you can maximise the available natural light from the outside.          

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Bring warmth through colours. 

The best way to add life to a pale season is through colour accents that will bring warmth and cosiness in your space. Avoid the winter blues by infusing your home decors and elements with holiday tones such as red, burgundy, emerald, and metallics if you want some luxe vibes. This colour-infused trick is a great way to keep the room from looking stark and cold.  

It’s a pillow thing!

The winter weather is all about chunky fringe and knit pillows that will make the living room super warm and inviting. Apply our colour-infusing trick to add some happy hues and positive vibes in the area when choosing the perfect pillows. The more chunks of pillows, the better!

Considering the fact that you can’t spend as much time outside, you can also add some nature-inspired decors to instantly bring the outdoors in. Choose any greeneries you like whether these are flowers, tree clippings, or pines cones to create a rustic vibe. 

Layer blankets and rugs. 

Lots of fabric layering is going on in this photo. Make sure to put your layered faux fur blankets and rugs to use before the season ends. Don’t be afraid of textures like faux fur, velvet and chenille because they will cosy up the look and feel of your living space plus snuggling with them is just so comfy, you can never resist. 

Lit some candles on.  

The winter vibe will not be complete without candle lanterns in metallic holders. There’s just something about candles that can easily lift someone’s mood in a cold, winter night. There are so many perfect spots to place your candle setting whether on countertops of the fireplace, shelves, centre tables, rugs or in the windows. You can also add some fairy lights if you want to achieve a Scandinavian winter style.    

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