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Better than Bouquet: 5 Reasons Why Potted Plants Make the Best Gift Ever

Better than Bouquet: 5 Reasons Why Potted Plants Make the Best Gift Ever
Written by Sarah Contreras

This is not a drill, more and more millennials are now buying into “plant parenthood” and looks like nothing can stop them. 

Gone are the days when people would give bunches of flowers to their loved ones on special occasions. You must be catching sight of these potted plants wrapped in fancy papers or dressed with sparkly ribbons as you pass by the supermarket. For some reasons, the growing popularity of indoor plants has greatly influenced the norm of gift-giving.

While stunning bouquets can make a lovely present, a lot of people are now practically into something that lasts for more than a few days. Let’s be honest, the only time bouquets look impressive is on the day of delivery. Count a day or two and a few petals will likely wither into subtly unappealing brown. Potted plants, on the other hand, may tend to last longer as long as they are showered with some TLC. 

If you are having a hard time looking for the best gift to give a special someone who has everything, why not give them a gift that keeps on giving? Stop spending hours scouring the aisles of shops looking through some wholesale gifts when the perfect present could be as simple as a potted succulent. 

Still unconvinced? Allow me to share some more reasons to send potted plants as a gorgeous yet low-maintenance and eco-friendly gift. 

Plants make us feel better, it’s a fact. 

Aside from improving the quality of the air we breathe every single nanosecond, studies show that plants can also lift a person’s mood. There is an innate connection between humans and plants, known as biophilia, which makes sense to how the emotional parts of our brain can function better when we are surrounded by plants. Fulfilling our responsibilities as a plant parent can also give us a sense of reward and satisfaction, which result in an increased positive state of mind. 

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They make fun home decorations.

Potted plants make a perfect gift for someone who loves to decorate their homes or office tables. Many expert designers believe that placing potted plants on shelves, countertops or coffee tables will absolutely give a bright, comfy ambience to any room. What’s even better is that no matter how we like to design our spaces, plants will always match. 

They promote green living. 

By giving someone a plant gift, you are not just making them happy but you are also making the world a better, greener place. We all know that climate change is a very serious case that people shouldn’t pass over.

Bouquets require refrigeration to sustain its freshness and beauty. Imagine how much energy the Earth can save if everyone will choose a more eco-friendly plant gift instead.    

They are unique. 

Bouquets, stuff toys and chocolates are so overrated, you want to make sure you are sending someone a unique present they will totally appreciate. We may not always see potted plant gifts in parties but they make a meaningful present for any occasion or “just because” day. 

They are economical. 

Potted plants are a much more budget-friendly than gorgeous bouquet of roses. Flower shops will usually charge you with a price that is as much as a three-course meal from your favourite local pub. But, you can always score some cheaper prices on impressive potted plants at any local shop or online.

If you have plants at home, you can also create DIY plant gifts by wrapping the pots or clipping in some personalised notes on your own. For sure, gift wrapping materials will not cost you as much as a three-course meal, don’t you think?


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