Steps to Order Custom Packaging Online

Custom Packaging

All the product based businesses are now opting for custom boxes for the packaging of their products. As there are unlimited benefits associated with the tailor made boxes therefore all the manufacturers now need stylish boxes for their products. Whether you are running a cosmetic business or a food chain, custom packaging is very important to you, especially for branding and marketing. Keeping this in mind, if you are going to start a new business and have products for selling then you must know how to get high quality boxes in cheapest rates.

While living in the United States, you can visit different box manufacturing companies to get the idea of the rates and quality of packaging boxes they are providing. Experts who have made research already suggest that boxes can be very expensive even more than your product so how can you afford boxes that are manufactured within the United States. The next option is to check online and there are various companies that claim to have working from 20 years and more. Best part about the online companies is that they are cheap and would ship boxes at your doorstep in the United States. After complete research you might end up by ordering boxes online and for that you must know the important steps before you end up paying a high cost for your packaging boxes.

Searching Wisely for Box Manufacturing Companies

When you type anything on the search engines about the boxes you want, you will find a number of companies that will match your demand. It is not a good idea to trust on the company that pops up on the first search result. You have to check at least 5 to 6 websites and check the range of boxes they have and what services they are offer to facilitate you. Plus, you also have to check if they can deliver the boxes in your state or not. The payment methods you use is also important and you can also check that by talking with agents available online on the websites. Through live chat or by calling you can ask them any question regarding your boxes from them.

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Comparing Quotes for your Boxes Order

After short listing 5 to 6 companies that you like, you should ask for the quotes by telling them about the quantity of the boxes you want. In most of the websites, there are specifications forms already available, you can easily fill that form by putting your box dimensions, material and the quantity you want. If you find it difficult then you can call them anytime and ask for a quote by telling them details on phone. After a few hours, you will start getting emails with quote you asked for. The thing you have to check in quote is the price and the delivery time because they are important for you the most. After observing these things you should take a decision to choose a company for order. For first timers, it can be difficult to decide a company but you have to check if it is important for you to get boxes on time and with high quality.

Designing of  Boxes

After you are choose a company for box manufacturing, the next phase is to design the boxes. If you already know the shape and structure design, then you can just dictate them. Otherwise, companies have their designers available online and you can communicate with them through agent. They will assist you with in details and can also suggest you different designs. Sample designs can also be checked to take the idea of the final box design. After brain storming and ideas you can ask them to make a 3D design of the structure you have asked for the box.

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Printing of the Boxes

It is important to have to artwork designed already to be printed on the box. Most of the times, the printing designs include logo, company tagline, and pictures that manufacturers want to see on the boxes of their product. You can ask to print design with digital printing or with offset printing according to your choice. Once you send your artwork to the company through email, they will show you a final view of the box with the 3D mock up that will help you in finalizing your order with confidence.

Check out

After you check the final 3D model of your box, you would check out by paying. Also you must make sure if you are ordering Eco-friendly packaging then you must order Kraft boxes. Most of the company’s charge 70% of the amount on your checkout but you can always talk to them to pay half before you get boxes. Mostly the online companies offer free design assistance and free shipping at your doorstep, so you must also ask for that. Once you check out, you can just relax till your order arrives.

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