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5 Ways to Kill Bed Bugs That truly Work

Written by Lisa Blunt

Bed bugs is common but itching is the issue of almost every household of the United States. The number of intensity of the bed bugs differs from area to area. There are a few types of insects, bugs and biting flies that exist around the States. The bees are generally found everywhere, especially in those areas that are close to gardens and forests. Despite the fact, honeybees are useful for making honey but other bees and bugs are truly a headache for the homeowners. This is the reason for which why people are found to be looking for the Bed Bugs Remover Near Me Atlanta GA as google search. But in search of affordable bee removal services, the homeowners do not meet to be having the pet solution. Because such bee removal companies compromise on quality and effective methods are not supposedly practiced as should be done.

1.  Diatomaceous Earth

This method ranks at number one because of its effectiveness. This method is used for disinfecting the whole bed bugs and their potential eggs. When applying diatomaceous earth to kill bed bugs, it is important to remember that bed bugs have eyes. If you notice a pile of white powdery substance on your bedsheets or carpet this is a clear sign of the bugs or flies. Spread a good layer of diatomaceous earth where bed bugs you find to make sure they should crawl through it. Now next apply the vacuum cleaner on it.

2.  Vacuum Producing 

Although vacuum does not kill the bed bugs, it will merely help you get rid of them! Vacuums are an efficient tool in the confrontation against bed bugs. Simply because the small and underlying bed bugs can be clear. It hits hard with warm air to kill them and but small bugs can be even harder to be killed. Therefore, you should try your simple vacuum cleaner to create a vacuum to suck up the potential eggs and bed bugs from home.

3.  Hair Dryer 

Bed bugs are prone to heat and cannot survive at the temperature up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of the dryers produce this heat during normal usage, this helps to make effectively killing of the bed bugs. You can remove it from curtains and bedsheets as well.

4.  Steam Mopping 

Steam mopping is the hot water treatment for the bed bugs and flies eggs. You can use hot water dip the mop and mop out across the floors. You can also wash your mattress with hot water to kill the eggs and larva of the bed bugs and bees and flies. If still, the problem persists, then simply call the Affordable Bee Removal Service to get rid of the problem.

5.  Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover contains the acetone that helps kill the bed bugs, thanks to its chemical property—the pure acetone kills bed bugs upon being sprinkled over the colony of bed bugs. As a bed bug or bee is detected, immediately sprinkle on it the nail polish remover.

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