Instagram Story Viewer – Is It Worth Your Time?

Instagram Story Viewer – Is It Worth Your Time?
Written by shozich

The is a new application, which can be downloaded from the app store. This new application allows you to view all your pictures in their original resolution and then share them on Instagram with just a single tap. Although this is just a sneak peek, we decided to give it a go.

Before I get into my thoughts about the new application I need to go over a few of the basics, in short, the main feature is that you can view a slideshow of your pictures on the main screen. You can then add a caption; select photos that you would like to save for later and share the picture to your friends. The app has many additional options available.

The Story Viewer allows you to add as many photos as you wish. If you have a picture of a person or something unusual, you can add it to the Gallery to add more detail to it.

The app also allows you to add an album and all of the photos within that album will then appear on one tap. This helps to give you a great way to group the pictures.

The app is still in its beta stage, so it will not have all the regular version of features that Instagram has. It does, however, offer an option to search for photos of specific categories. You will be able to find the photos you are looking for with just one touch.

There are many other neat features, which allow you to organize the photos within the Gallery of the Story Viewer, but at this time, there is no option to add them to an album. However, I was able to download some pictures of my own, which is something I was not able to do in the Instagram app.

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In terms of downloading pictures from your social network accounts, the Story Viewer is currently limited to apps on Facebook. You will not be able to download from Twitter, Orkut or Myspace. The application can only use apps that are on Facebook’s app store, so if you are using your Facebook account to download from social networks, you will not be able to do so in the Story Viewer.

3.1 million People currently use the Story Viewer. Because of this, the app was made for mobile users.

Creating an app like this was a great idea, but it has a few drawbacks. The biggest one is that you can only download one photo at a time. You cannot choose to have your photo upload into more than one account at a time.

The other drawback is that you will not be able to search for other people’s photos within the app. This means that if you wanted to download many pictures, you would be unable to do so unless you have several social networks accounts. To search for pictures of other people, you will need to add their profile as well as their pictures.

Overall, the Story Viewer is an exciting opportunity to be able to view a picture in the original resolution on your mobile device. However, if you do not have many photos, it may not be suitable for you.

The Instagram Story Viewer is available as a free download from the app store and will be available on However, this is just a sneak peek, and we hope to give you a full review shortly.

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