Does Color Matters When Choosing A Lipstick

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Ever wondered what is the importance of colors in selecting lipsticks, packed in lipstick boxes? Yes, this is one of the most fun things for women. When they are out for shopping cosmetic items, the shades and printing of lipstick boxes can influence their buying behavior. Let’s find out more about the importance of colors in choosing a lipstick and why cosmetics manufacturers and retailers prefer wholesale lipstick boxes for these makeup items.

Skin Tone

Not everyone has the same skin tone. Your skin tone will be different from the others, even though if you are living in the same geographical location. Then how can you identify which shade of lipstick would suit you the most? All the leading brands have the shade of the lipstick printed on the lipstick boxes. This is one way you can get the right color of the product that suits your skin tone. Another way is to open up the box and try it on the palm of your hand. Sometimes, the brands also have the skin tones printed on these boxes to make the purchase easier for the customers.

Hair Color

The color of your hair also matters a lot when you are out for buying a lipstick. And if you are not buying it for yourself but as a gift item for your loved one, you should still consider the color tone of their hair. Get the right color of the product and make sure that the shade is printed or written on the lipstick boxes in which it is packed. This way, the person who is going to use the product can easily segregate it from the other lip care products. That is why those who love to use this beautifying item prefer wholesale lipstick boxes so that they never run out of boxes to put their favorite product.

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The Occasion

The occasion on which lipstick is to be used also matters a lot when it comes to picking the color of this beautifying item. For example, if you want to use it while going to work, you would surely go for a lighter and sober shade instead of dark and funky shade. On the contrary, if you are to attend a party or gathering, you would surely go for dark and hot shades. And the lipstick boxes can help you with this a lot. The manufacturers have the shades printed on them. Another way is to get a die-cut window added to these boxes and let the customers see what shade is inside the box. For that, the cap of the lipstick should be transparent so that the customers can see the product. And if you are thinking of giving your guests lipsticks as gifts, you should consider wholesale lipstick boxes because they are not only cost-efficient but also give you more room for customization as well.

What Color To Choose?

skin tone

We have mentioned the colors here because the manufacturers cannot put them all on the box of the product. Even though they get wholesale lipstick boxes, but that does not mean that they can get them bigger enough to contain this information. But the fact that wholesale lipstick boxes reduce the production cost cannot be denied as well. Let’s see what the shades are that look great on various skin tones.

Dark Skin Tone: Dark Berry, Golden Beige, Dark Fuchsia, and Brownish red are ideal shades for dark skin tone.

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Medium Skin Tone: Red, Apricot, Orange peach, and red are ideal for those who have medium skin tones.

Fair Skin Tone: Light peach, Light pink, beige, and golden brown are the shades that would look great on the persons who have fair skin tone.

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