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Written by Salman Ahmad

Where this advanced digital era has made our life easier, there are also some major threats which destroy one’s life. One of the largest threats comes from online/digital crimes such as bullying, harassment, cyberstalking and hacking, etc. These things mostly affect kids, adults, workers and other close relationships as well. To sustain away from digital problems, people are moving towards technology to handle these issues technically. Spy technology has provided such an advanced solution to these problems, which pulls out these problems from the root. Spy software allows the user to ethically supervise their targeted people.  However, there is a variety of spy software, but it’s quite hard to find the best computer monitoring software. In this article, we will discuss the most preferable spying software which is serving millions of people outstandingly still in 2020.

TheOneSpy Computer Monitoring Spy Software

It is the leading spy software, which is the ultimate choice of millions who want to track the loved ones with 100% secrecy. TOS is the only software which gives a guarantee of keeping the user’s privacy. A user doesn’t feel ever that the targeted person can get any clue about their tracking. Multiple businesses, employers, parents, and partners are getting huge advantage out of this wonderful tracking software. It also provides real-time and reliable information with the exact time.  Another best thing about TOS is that if the internet gets disconnected, it still works offline, same as it works online. The only difference is that it records all data in shot videos and when the internet gets connected, then it transfers information at the user’s cloud portal. It helps organizations to achieve their long term and short-term goals successfully. And enable the parents to save their kid’s future before anything gets destroyed.

Features of TOS Computer Monitoring Software 

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TheOneSpy computer monitoring software offers multiple plans which contain a specific range of features. Each tool performs unique features to provide all hidden and open information of the targeted person at a user’s cloud account. A user has the option to run all or any features at a time. Parents became able to watch what their kids like to do on computer similarly, employer enables to monitor what their employees frequently do on the computer. Here is the list of some TOS brilliant tools out of 250. 

  • Live 360 surrounding recorder
  • Live 360 camera viewer
  • Screen Recorder
  • Social Media Accounts Tracker
  • Installed apps/software tracker
  • Browsing history tracker
  • E-mail tracker
  • Screenshot taker
  • GPS Location Tracker
  • Geo-fencing
  • Multimedia tracker

Why should TOS computer monitoring software be the ultimate choice?

When we go to market, 80% of us prefer those things which have rich features at a reasonable price. TheOneSpy is the same because it offers a vast range of advanced tools and extra free services at an affordable and economical price. Here, we will see those extra services offered by TOS. 

User- friendly Reports

The person who cannot monitor daily, TOS gives an advantage to them in the form of user-friendly reports. So, the user could easily evaluate things on a weekly/monthly basis.

Real-Time Monitoring

A user can exactly get the right information at the right time with the exact time and date as well.

Remotely Block Website

It allows the user to remotely stop the functionality of inappropriate websites.

On-demand Screenshots It enables the user to capture a screenshot of any suspicious activity performed by the targeted person. 

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Mighty Alarms A user can fix alarms on specific activities that a targeted person frequently performs.

Money-back guarantee

Sometimes it happens that a person mistakenly buys other things instead of actual. TOS also keeps considering it by offering a 14-day money-back guarantee on all plans and packages. 

Installation Process of TOS Computer Monitoring Software Features

If a person thinks about to buy anything but he/she does not know the process and on finding, doesn’t get proper guidance, it disheartens. Being here, it shows that you are looking for proper guidance about how you can get it in actually to get an advantage from it. Let’s have a look at the process of getting and running this outstanding software.

Step 1: In the first step, you need to get a subscription of relevant software which can compatibly run in your device. 

Step 2: In the second step, you will get TheOneSpy e-mail, which contains all necessary information regarding the purchased software installation process.

Step 3: In the third step, you need to download and install the purchased software in the targeted computer by inserting a login ID and password.

Step 4: In the fourth step, you have to open a cloud account from your device to activate the tracking features.  After activating the features, TOS start monitoring immediately.

TOS Computer Monitoring Software Compatibility

Everyone uses a different computer window system according to their needs. TOS facilitates all users as it supports all Windows systems. Besides that, it is compatible with all models of computers such as Dell, HP, Sony, Samsung and LG as well.

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Plans and Pricing

TheOneSpy offers four plans for computer monitoring. All plans are at an affordable price with a rich bundle of features. These days, TOS is also offering up to 50% off on all windows packages. Let’s look at different packages of TOS for computer monitoring. 

  • TOS 1-month computer system package price is $40 after discount.
  • TOS 3-month computer system package price is $60 after discount.
  • TOS 6-month computer system package price is $80 after discount.
  • TOS 12-month computer system package price is $110 after discount.


Whether it’s about any organization to achieve a strong position in the market or about parents to provide satisfied protection to kids, TOS computer monitoring spy software is the best tool for these purposes. Its technical functions work most efficiently and accurately to keep the user aware of every single activity of the targeted person. Its diverse compatibility makes it the first choice of millions. However, in the coming years, it will bring more innovative changes to offer more benefits to users.

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Salman Ahmad

I am Salman Ahmad an Engineer by choice, Blogger, YouTuber, and an Entrepreneur by passion. I love technology in my day to day life and loves writing Tech Articles on Latest Technology, Cyber Security, Internet Security, SEO and Digital Marketing.
Read my blog here

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