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Tips to Get Fresh and Clean Grout

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Grout, a mixture of cement, water and clay; happens to be a very essential element of tiles. During tile installation, grout is utilized to ensure that tiles are held firmly in their place and their alignment is correct. As major as its role is, grout itself takes up a very minute place once the tiles are all set. The difference in the space occupied by tiles and grout is so much so that many people do not differentiate between tiles and grout, rather consider them to be the same. This consideration is harmless so long as it does not hinder the cleaning process. Many tiles owners clean tiles by using mops or brooms, this does clean up tiles, but the grout is left little affected.

For starters, structurally the difference between tile and grout is that tiles are the properly shaped ceramic material which graces the floors, counters and even walls of many places whereas grout is the material between the crevices of two tiles. This material requires a method of cleaning which implies attention to detail. The lack of this attention is why even after cleaning tiles regularly, your grout lines only get more and more discoloured with the passage of time. 

However, We are here to give you a few tips and tricks regarding maintaining clean grout.


1. Domestic methods

Mops and brooms are used for tile cleaning. Cleaning Grout, on the contrary, requires the use of precise tools which can target the small region of grout properly. Domestically, old toothbrushes and scrubs are recommended for this method. Toothbrushes prove to be highly impactful in rubbing off dirt and filth from grout, especially when used with warm water it leaves tiles spotless. Other domestically utilized and easily available methods include the following;

  • Using Bleach: comes in two types; Oxygen and Chlorine Bleach. The choice of bleach depends highly upon the type of tiles and the extent of their contamination.
  • Bleach
  • bleach is non-toxic and safe for the environment. An additional advantage of using this type of bleach is that it doesn’t leave your tiles and grout smelling like strong, pungent cleaning agents. 
  • Bleach
  • it comes to cleaning mould or mildew which is present in grout more than any other region, there is no choice but to use strong chemicals. One of the best ways for thorough grout cleaning and ridding it of mould is by using chlorine bleach, which happens to be a traditional tile and grout cleaner. This strong type of bleach effectively kills the source of mould and leaves both your tiles and grout spotless and pollutant-free. 
  • Using Vinegar: Spraying heavily stained grout with a solution of vinegar and warm water and then scrubbing it off reveals the clean grout present beneath the stained surface.
  • Using Baking Soda: For even more thorough cleaning, applying a paste of baking soda in the water on the grout followed by spraying with vinegar tends to do the trick. Once the vinegar and baking soda reaction stops forming foam, scrub it off and let the clean grout take over.
  • Using Hydrogen Peroxide: Hydrogen Peroxide is a commonly found chemical in most drug stores. Applying it on grout also gets rid of stains present on grout.
  • Steam Cleaning: The worst and most persistent stains on grout can easily be eradicated by means of steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is both effective and environment-friendly. Moreover, it comes with zero odours as opposed to use of chemicals, both domestic and industrial. 

3. Industrial products

Using industrially manufactured cleaning agents that are best suited to your tile type is also suggested. The choice of product used requires proper decision making since many chemical products are known to react to the tiles and grout with which they come in contact. 

4. Professionals!

Having detailed you about all the possibilities, and best suited, tips of getting a fresh and clean grout we will suggest one last option that is readily available; Professionals.

Our team of professionals is experts in tile and grout cleaning, as our company name implies. Our grout cleaning team ensures customer satisfaction while carrying out the task, which leaves nothing except super clean grout behind. Grout cleaning is a complex and precision requiring task as is evident, which is why it is often left unattended and paves way for discolouration of grout lines over time. Even after all the tips and tricks, if you feel the need of letting someone else handle your burdens while you take a much-deserved break from cleaning, you know who to call!

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