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World growth with the development of technology is enormous. With the help to which, humans have learned to cope up with every crisis. But water-related problems are still dominating the world. Here is why the role of water purifiers becomes dominant. Despite three-fourth of earth covered by water. Yet, the availability of drinking water scares. It is the grueling challenge that all the countries worldwide are facing.

Importance of water purifier:

Nowadays, the water which is supplied to our homes is not 100% pure. If we consume unfit water. It can cause a wide range of water-borne diseases. Among which the most commonly found is diarrhea. The water bodies are contaminated on its way. The reason of contamination could be:

  • Industrial effluents are released in the water bodies, especially when it is an outlet without any purification process
  • Domestic usage of water along the banks of the river
  • Release of fecal matter into the water body
  • Open bath sites for humans as well as animals
  • During some religious activities, for instance, the addition of corpus
  • Other than water purifiers, some people opt for refillable jar dispenser or distilled water bottles. This turns out to be a very costly affair. Along with the disturbance in the monthly budget, it also affects yearly savings.

To avoid the consumption of unhealthy water or to prevent hard water drinking. A water purifier is now a necessity. Furthermore, every water purifier fills up with dirt and impurities over time, and it is essential to find the right service provider for it. You need to service your purifier every 3 to 6 months, so that, your old purifier can also work as new. For this, you can open google and find Pureit service near me options. It depends on which purifier you are currently using.

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Evaluation of water quality in your area:

Whether you are looking for a water purifier for your home or workplace. You need to choose the best one. And for this, it is essential to analyze the quality of water.

For evaluation of water quality in the area, several factors are analyzed, which include:

  • pH value should be in the range of 6.5 to 8.5
  • The Turbidity of water should be 1
  • The hardness is the presence of CaCO3 in water. It should be less than 200 mg/l
  • The absence of bacteria strains like coli should be a complete absence. Any presence of E.coli, indicate the presence of fecal matter in the source of water
  • The presence of total iron as Fe should be a maximum of 0.3 mg/l
  • The taste and odor of the water should be agreeable.

How to choose the best water purifier:

The kind of water purifier, you need to install depends on the water quality of your place or city. The market is filled with different small and big brands of water purifiers. It becomes tough to choose the best one for you. It ranges from a quite simple one having semi-permeable membrane or charcoal filters. After analyses of the above factors, you need to look for several other things:


  • Reverse osmosis: It is correctly known as RO purification. It is used in almost all the water purifiers. It contains membrane technology to remove various salts, impurities, dirt, and germs from the water.
  • UV lamp: This causes alteration of DNA in bacteria due to which complete sanitization can be obtained.
  • Along with these two, a lot of other features like advanced 9,8,7 stage purification is used. Calcium booster, activated carbon block design, macroblock technology, ATDS, UF can be used.
  1. Service: Before your final decision, you need to consider the service which is provided by the company. Do they have an installation facility or water analysis technique? The TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) must be set in the proper recommended range of areas. Also, check for your Kent RO service reviews online.
  2. Budget: Budget is an essential aspect while buying a water purifier. The technological advancements can be seen while an increase in price. It can range from a few thousand to several ten thousand.
  3. Use of electricity: Most of the water purifiers available run on power. But, if you already have frequent electricity cuts in the area, then it is advisable to buy non-electric water purifiers.
  4. Quantity of water: The capacity of water purifiers should be dependent on the frequency of water availability in comparison to the consumption of your family.
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Look for all these factors and make a comparison yourself. Choose a purifier which suits you the best.

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