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Well you would surely know who Blanket Jackson is because that’s the main reason you would be reading this article but in case someone who doesn’t know him, then there’s the intro of him. Even if you don’t know him, you would surely know who Michael Jackson was. Yes that same dance who used to come in Leather Jackets over his concerts. This guy right here is his son. Ever since the death of Michael Jackson, he suffered some hard times but after this much time he’s making headlines just like his father used to so there shouldn’t be any type of hesitation or regret if you’re obsessed with him!


Although Blanket Jackson didn’t got much time with his super cool dad but in the interviews of his father we can see that how much he loved his son. In Germany, there was also a epic and funny scene where Michael Jackson was dangling him from a balcony. Now at that time, Blanket Jackson was only 9 weeks old but this scene surely shows how much cool dad Michael Jackson was. Anyways, moving forward Michael Jackson stated that it was unethical to do such stuff and that he was wrong. Don’t worry Michael Jackson, we forgive you!


For what thing Michael Jackson was most famous for? Everyone knows it’s answer and that’s his amazing dance performances. Well just like his father, Blanket Jackson also has some pretty breathtaking dance moves and he can surely make you jump out of a chair easily. Whether wearing a James Bond Suit or wearing pyjamas, both son and father know how to dance. The dance is in their blood and Blanket Jackson is certainly proving this. It’s also known that Michael taught his son how to moonwalk and in an interview Blanket stated that, ‘Sometimes I would go to his room and watch videos of him dancing’.

Now that certainly proves how he has such amazing dance moves!

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People are also really crazy over the long and silky hair of Blanket Jackson. His one hair strand is one joy thing to watch. His hair speaks for his cool personality and surely these unique hair also set him apart from the rest of the family of the Jackson other than the fact that they also has kept it a secret that who is the mother of him.


Someone out there had also leaked some videos of Blanket Jackson. Don’t worry, not that type of videos, these videos mainly consists of his dance moves and other stuff and they were all uploaded over youtube.

In most of the videos, the youngest son of Michael Jackson was seen dancing and singing his father songs. He was also seen mimicking some star war scenes with his cousins. All such leaked stuff does nothing than to show that what an amazing and impressive talent this guy is.


One of the most vital parts of Blanket’s fame is his personality and his clothing. Many of his fans die over the attire of Blanket and are even ready to spend limitless bucks over their hero. From wearing the fanciest of shirts to over simple t shirts, he can be seen all of it. At one day he would be wearing a unique Cyberpunk 2077 Jacket whereas the other day he would be wearing an impressive blazer. But mostly, this guy tend to wear a simple type of coat with his long hair open or sometimes styling them as ponytail. His attire is quite unlike the other in the family and that thing really really attracts his fans.

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This guy is a sensation and he literally has fans all over the globe. So if you’re one of them, then you rightly are so as not only you but everyone loves this guy. His strong personality and looks speak for itself.
Den nasolakrimale kanal åbner ind i den nedre passage, toppen af næsehulen dannes til den ringere parietale knogle.
And that’s it by my side. I hope that all these things were helpful for you and made you know Blanket Jackson a bit more.

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