Salsa Dancing Lessons Add Perfection To Style

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Dance has always been used throughout history for one reason or another. The Red Indians used it to bring rain which was called the rain dance. It has been used for healing and also witchcraft in the early days. The oldest form of dance known to man is the belly dance. This Egyptian dance is more than 6000 years old and focuses on hip and belly movements. Dance has been around since before the written language and history came into being.

In the earlier cultures dance was used to pass the local stories down the ages. It developed early human civilizations in social, festive and ritual ways. In the pre-historic ages it was often always used in religious ceremonies. No Greek or Roman religious ceremonies were ever complete without a dance. At social events, it told stories of gods and various myths. As a form of entertainment, dance has been enjoyed throughout history.

Dance is an expression and can define a particular culture. It can align with traditions and historical eras. Today dance is used at competitive events to show expertise, at the clubs for relaxation and at weddings as well. After thousands of years of transformation and progression, we have the modern dances that are enjoyed throughout the world. Modern dance can be distinguished as a theatrical dance and social dance. In terms of popularity, Salsa is the most popular dance style in the world these days. It has its roots in Latin American and is both a social and dramatic dance.

In America, everyone loves the line dance which is a country-western dance. You line up in groups and move to county-western music. There are more Salsa dance championships held in the world as compared to country-western dance championships. The skill level for Salsa is much higher than country-western. Those who wish to pursue dancing as a hobby or as a profession need to learn how to do the Salsa right. This is a very social dance which will make you a friendlier person. There are many Salsa clubs in the country that you can visit after you learn it well.

There are all sorts of music beats that we listen to every day. Specific dances are performed to specific types of music. With Salsa, you need Latin music and with country-western dance, you need the country music. The more you dance Salsa the more your craft will build. You can move to advanced dance moves and routines with time. Salsa from Puerto Rico, New York, and Colombia is different in its style so choose the one you want to learn first. To start learning Salsa on your own you may want to download “El Raton” by Cheo Feliciano, one of the best Salsa singers of all time. “Conciencia” by Gilberto Santa Rosa and “P’a Bravo Yo” by Justo Betancourt are also two of the high rated Salsa songs. “El Raton” is a bit slow while “Conciencia” and “P’a Bravo Yo” require faster movements of the legs and hips. So start slowly and gradually move to speedier movements.

All Salsa is based on hip movements in time with music beats. Dancers can take steps in all directions. The hip movement is relaxed and subtle for men. The weight is often shifted to a bent knee. The arm movements are supposed to be very natural throughout the routine. When both partners hold hands the grip is relaxed. With the right music, the Salsa dance gives off a very upbeat and lively vibe. This is the main reason why it is so popular. It is energetic and is a good workout for those who wish to lose some weight.

In Houston, you can find several dance institutes that offer classes at affordable rates. You can get a few lessons in a week and learn at your own pace. If you have nothing to do after work, head out to the dance studio and get registered to build up your dancing skills. If you are talented you will move up to advanced level Salsa in a short time. These days, Salsa dancing is very popular for weddings. If you or a friend is getting married or engaged think of taking up Salsa lessons as it’s a very fashionable these days.

Salsa dancing lessons can be taken in groups. You can set your schedule to suit your convenience. The private lessons will help your dance team move with harmony and style on the big day. No wedding is complete without dance and preparing well for it makes the day more memorable.

All professional dancers have a high level of confidence and a lean figure. If you get into a habit of dancing you can stay mentally and physically fit for all your lifetime. Keep old age diseases away by taking up Salsa dancing lessons.

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