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Written by Sonia James

To monitor someone else’s computer, it sounds like hacking. It’s a federal crime to secretly view anyone’s activities. But there are few conditions, which allow you to watch others such as parents are the guardians of kids so they can monitor them secretly. On the other side, employers can track their employees because they are the owners in actual.

There are special software’s in the market that gives true parental control over kids and employer control on employee activities. Their advanced features give real-time information, so a user can protect their people. TheOneSpy is one of the advanced functioned spy software preferred by most people.

TheOneSpy Monitoring Software

TheOneSpy is the most popular software among others because of its reliability and efficiency.  It gives timely and accurate information about the targeted device. Most businesses use computers for professional work, so spy PC software enables the employer to check the real-time performance of their employees. The employer can also detect predators who want to get secrets of the business. Besides that, its parental control allows parents to check kid’s activities on PC and to protect them if they are engaged in harmful activity.

Let us see how TheOneSpy PC software helps the user with its advanced features.

Features of TheOneSpy and their Functions

We will see TheOneSpy advance features for window systems.

  • Password chaser
  • Installed apps/ software’s tracker
  • Incoming and outgoing e-mails reader
  • Surrounding Recorder
  • History tracker
  • Alarm logs
  • Website blocker
  • Gallery tracker
  • Activity logs tracker
  • Social media accounts tracker

How does TOS help Businesses?

  • Businesses mostly use PCs for daily tasks and to secure their records and to run the software in it. But sometimes a faithful employee leaks their secret files, which puts the company in the loss. TOS activities tracker enables the user to watch a whole day activity, what the employee did on PC.
  • If an employee is sending important files to unknown or competitors by mail, so in case he/she deletes the mail, TheOneSpy mail tracker sends all emails automatically to the employer cloud account. The company can also take serious legal action against him.
  • An employer can track live browsing activities and history as well. If the employee is visiting any inappropriate or irrelevant site during working hours, so the user can block it.
  • TOS PC surrounding recorder empowers the employer to listen to surrounding sounds, conversations or whisperings. If there is any inappropriate talk, so it can record, and management will find the solution of it.
  • Besides all that, the employer can track employee performance in projects/ tasks, so they could easily evaluate them and can promote them or reward them by increment or allowances.
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How does TOS help the parents?

  • Parents can track if their kids are in contact with the unknown on Facebook or obey them, so parents can block them remotely with the help of a social media tracker.
  • If kids are visiting irrelevant sites and watching sexual content so parents can block that specific site or YouTube channel remotely.
  • Parents can monitor have their kids completed their assignments on time. Or the kids are just wasting time playing games.
  • Parents can track kids if kids are discussing something harmful with friends on Skype or bullying someone while playing, so parents can automatically block them or secure kids from such talks.
  • Parents can also check gallery photos if the kid is saving the inappropriate picture in a separate folder so a parent can delete it by a single click.

Why prefer TheOneSpy?

Because TheOneSpy gives value to its customers besides advance features.

  • There are expert technicians available 24/7 to give people queries answers and to help a customer in the installation or other issues.
  • It gives offline tracking history too, while the internet is off.
  • It allows the user to put alarms on specific activities.
  • It is compatible with all Windows PCs.


Finally, we concluded that businesses and parents can monitor their employees and kid’s computers with TheOneSpy. TOS benefit them by providing real-time information so they could protect them and their people with any harm. Over time, people are vastly adopting this technology as it is reliable and efficient.

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