New Ideas To Get More Traffic At Your Exhibition Stand

New Ideas To Get More Traffic At Your Exhibition Stand
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The trade shows help in marketing and help to spread brand awareness. Therefore, trade shows or exhibitions form a major part of the marketing process. Whether you are going to participate in small size trade shows or big events, they can help you to get a huge return on investment and new customers as well.

Just like any other marketing strategy, participating in these events can help you to achieve your objectives. The more attendees you receive in your trade booth, the more leads and profit and you will get.

You should first create a lucrative exhibition display stands and then search for different ideas to create a buzz. Here, in this post, we will describe new ideas to attract more potential customers towards your booth.

Here, you will find the most creative ways to attain your success through exhibition stand.

1. Keep Booth Visitors Engage With Game

Usually, exhibitors think about giveaways when they talk about trade show promotion. But, trade show promotion is not just restricted to giveaways but it is more than that. You can promote your brand with games in your booth.

You can incorporate brand-related games that can keep your trade booth visitors engage for a long time. This way you can spread brand awareness and also create a buzz at the trade show floor.

You should also announce an attractive award for the winner of the game. If you have a portable exhibition stands, then gamification can take it one level high and help in spreading brand awareness.

You can start a quiz show in which you can ask brand & product related questions. Trade show attendees will actively participate in the games to get the award. These games will also create a memorable experience of trade booth visitors and spread good vibes as well.

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2. Contact Trade Show Publications

Trade show publication is one the amazing way to promote your business during trade shows or exhibitions. You should contact the trade show publication months before the show. You can tell them about the interesting facts about your new product or services. They will help to spread this news all around so that your potential customers get to know about your product or service.

These journalists can pitch your potential customers in a good way that you will get the desired response during the trade show. You can also share interesting facts about your exhibition display stand to the journalist so that they become more curious to visit your booth.

3. Offer Free Wi-Fi Service

Free Wi-Fi service can attract various trade show attendees, especially in technology-related trade shows or events. The trade booth attendee wants to check-in, post on social media, tweets, etc. therefore, then need quick internet service.

If you provide free Wi-Fi access at your trade booth, then it can make your booth different from your competitors. This free service can help you to gain the trust of your potential customers. Also, it helps in getting more leads.

4. Represent Uniqueness

Your brand, product or services are different from your competitors. Therefore, your trade booth should be different from other exhibitors on the trade show so that your potential customers can find out the difference between the two.

You should do a brainstorm and find some creative ways to design the different layout of your exhibition stand. You can also take the help of experienced exhibition stand designers for creative exhibition stands ideas. Make sure your trade booth should be eye-catching and elegant so that people love to visit your booth.

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5. Create A Relaxing Space Inside Booth

The trade shows or events are often exhausting for both trade show attendees and exhibitors as well. The trade show attendees need to walk around the whole show, talk to booth representatives, participate in sales conferences, etc. All these things are tiring and exhausting, therefore, you should create a relaxing space in your booth.

All you need to do is create a relaxing lounge, provide a free charging station with some refreshments. You will see a huge amount of foot traffic towards your booth. When any trade booth visitors relating in the lounge, then you can start a meaningful conversation so that you can transform him/her into your lead. By making your booth a peaceful & relaxing destination, you can get more leads.

6. Hire Bloggers and Online Influencers

The trade show publications can offer a good prestige to your brand. Similarly, online influencers and bloggers can help you to drive more traffic at a trade booth and get more customers for your product or service. Therefore, you should contact bloggers and online influencers before the event.

They can spread good information about your booth and help you to receive more customers during the trade show. You should hire the popular online influencers months before the trade show and create hype.

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