Minimum recommended monitor resolution according to size

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The monitor is the device in charge of showing you the images generated by the PC. It is therefore one of the main elements if you plan to spend a lot of time in front of him, whether playing, working or browsing. We are talking not only about aesthetic aspects but also about visual comfort that can affect your health.

The native resolution of a monitor is one of the most important features but the most important. So much so that prices soar if you want a higher than normal.

But what is the resolution?

At present, all screens use technology called LEDs that are nothing more than LCD monitors with another type of backlight. This means that we have an array of cells that we call pixels that divide the screen both horizontally and vertically.

The number of these pixels is what we call resolution. This also defines what the aspect ratio is, in other words, the more or less square a monitor is.

Formerly it was a problem if you chose a very high resolution since you saw everything very small. This, at present, is easily solvable thanks to the configurations offered by both the operating system and the different applications.

Better resolution for 19-inch or less monitor?

When we talk about the size of a monitor, the distance in inches diagonally from the two farthest ends is indicated. Each of these inches equals 2.54 centimeters.

Currently most screens are 21 or more inches but you can still buy 19-inch models. You have to keep in mind that at present you can acquire monitors with several normal aspect ratios are 16: 9, 16:10 and the oldest 4: 3.

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This ratio indicates the ratio between the width and height at 16: 9 is more elongated than 16:10 and is even more than 4: 3. The first has its importance since it is the normal one that you can find in most digital TVs and is therefore ideal for watching movies.

The minimum resolution would be 1600×900 for a 16: 9 screen, or 1600×1200 for a 3: 4 monitor. If you want to use your monitor to play audiovisual content do not turn it over and choose a screen at least Full Hd or 1920×1080 or better 1920×1200 with aspect ratio 16:10.

Better resolution for 20 to 23 inch monitor?

The minimum in this case would be Full HD 1920×1080, although the ideal would be something else.

Better resolution for 24 to 27 inch monitor?

The choice is simple if you only want to watch movies or play games at a certain distance then choose a Full HD monitor if your thing is to work long hours in front of the monitor choose one of at least 2560×1440 in 16: 9 format or 2560×1600 in 16:10 format . This will make the monitor much more expensive but your view will appreciate it.

Best resolution for monitor over 28 inches?

The same thing happens again here. For movies or games Full HD but please do not buy such a large monitor with such a small resolution if you are going to use it to work.

Ideally 3480×2160 in 16: 9 format. If this resolution is the famous 4K.

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