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Gowing room furniture
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  • Introduction –

There are many companies which offer a full range of primary gowning room furniture which you can either use in your new gowning room or an existing gowning room. The gowning room furniture comprises of the following such as –

  • Gowning room benches & Garments racks
  • Shelving &Cleanroom & Gowning storage cabinets
  • Stainless steel cleans room benches, etc.

So let’s have a look at different types of gowning room furniture types and its uses –

  • Gowning Benches –

The ideal for a cleanroom environment is the stainless steel gowning benches. A surface that is non-contaminated is offered by the stainless steel construction which also removes the particle shedding. It is available in the standard form which is electro-polished with solid, perforated or wire tops. And it also has optional under the shelf.

  • Garment Racks –

For cleanroom garments, you can now get free-standing wall-mounted racks that provide good storage capacity. It is one such gowning room furniture that features stainless steel construction with wire shelving components which is specially designed with storage options for a gown. It has an electro-polished model feature along with an electro-chemically passivized surface for the requirement which is most demanding.

  • Cleanroom Shoe Racks –

For the storage of cleanroom shoes, there is a wire shoe rack that offers laminar flow and also ventilation for the storage of shoes. It is available in any shelf length which is in electro-polished stainless steel and form. It also comes in chrome-plated steel.

  • Cleanroom Storage Cabinets-

It is one kind of heavy-duty stainless steel enclosed cabinet along with shelves which are optional and additional. For proper laminar flow, it is available with a flat or slanted top. Also, it features a keyed lock with transverse rod handles.

  • Storage Cabinets for Cleanroom Garments and Supplies
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For storage of cleanroom garments, wipes, boots, tools, and other supplies, these cabinets come which provides a clean space for storage of these items. For the pharmaceutical, medical, food, electronics, or assembly of miniature mechanism or for any other operation, laminar flow cabinets are also a good choice as it offers a clean storage condition which is very necessary for protecting the products from airborne contaminants.

These cabinets come in two different styles –

  • Stainless steel cabinets with slanted top for laminar airflow
  • Polypropylene storage cabinets with fan and HEPA filtration

The second one provides a particle-free storage space. It exceeds the ISO5 cleanroom standard. It also includes for optimum laminar airflow perforated shelving. It removes particles and comes with HEPA filters.

Gowning room furniture has features incorporated in it which ensures complete safety and compliance with the cleanroom. The things which contribute towards a smooth and efficient application or usage of the gowning room furniture are as follows –

  • Rounded edges on gowning benches
  • Electropolished stainless steel garment racks
  • Acrylicdispensers and HEPA filtered storage cabinets

Furniture for Gowning Rooms –

Furniture for a gowning room is not just for the sake of appearance or for convenience, rather it is for the purpose of the employees so that their stuff is protected and stay decontaminated. It also has to be functional for more than just one gowning and also storage, and its purpose is only to do the decontamination. Stainless steel storage cabinets and also the shoe cleaners ensure that the workspace stays up to the mark i.e. the standards. So, the best thing that you can do is browse the gowning room furniture as there are many companies offering the same.

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Why Should You Choose the Best Gowning Room Furniture -?

Gowning room furniture and also its equipment plays a very key role in having a controlled environment along with which they also provide a contamination-free, manufacturing and research environment in a clean room which is completely safe. There are many companies which offer cleanroom gowning equipment’s which are the best-having durability, safety and is also ergonomic. No matter if you are looking to equip the medical/semi-conductor lab, you will find in the market range of complete gowning room furnishing sets that suit your industrial requirements. The furniture items comprise of electro-polished and also brushed 300 series stainless steel furniture. Plus, the wire design of the benches, wall mounted shelves and shoe racks offer an optimal laminar flow and lab ventilation combination which is clean and safe.

Availability of the Gowning Benches –

Now that you know that the gowning room furniture is available you should also know about its availability.  In a variety of seating sizes and optional under shelf the gowning benches are available in perforated, solid, and wire seat form. It also comes in stainless steel and electro-polished forms which makes it easy for cleaning.

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