Smile Anxiety: The Most Common Issues and the Ways to Ease Them

The Most Common Issues and the Ways to Ease Smile Anxiety
Written by Nicholas Hartley

Do you hesitate to smile publicly due to poor dental appearances? Poor dental look doesn’t mean that you have poor dental health. Even it doesn’t represent that you have good oral hygiene as well. Poor oral appearance can happen because of multiple dental as well as oral issues.

Over time, they become more complicated smile anxieties and difficult in dealing with too. Here, you can get to know about a few common smile anxieties along the reliable ways to deal them. So, let’s get started.

Importance of good dental care

Obviously, throughout your lifetime it is not possible to keep your smile healthy. Moreover, healthy smile is not enough to represent that you have the good oral health at the same time. But there is a strong significance of proper oral care and it is mentioned below for your references:

  • Protection against Tooth Decay
  • Prevention to gum diseases
  • Whiter teeth
  • Good along with fresh breathing
  • Long-lasting teeth
  • Improved overall health
  • Financial savings as expensive dental surgery in London can be avoided

Importance of good dental care

  1. Teeth’s Natural Whiteness

Whiter and brighter teeth are considered as a prime factor to appropriate dental health. But it doesn’t mean that person who has pale tooth possesses poor dental health. Certainly, it affects your self-esteem level as losing of the teeth’s brightness.

Nowadays, a number of options of teeth whitening are introduced to retain the teeth’s brightness and whiteness. By incorporating most suitable option, the confidence can be boosted by a dazzling smile.

How to treat itNatural Whiteness of the teeth - by Fitzroy Dental Practice

Some options of teeth whitening are:

  • Whitening Trays
  • In-office Teeth Whitening
  • Whitening Strips
  • Laser Teeth Whitening
  • At-home Teeth Whitening Kits
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Beside these, one should limit consuming stain-resulting beverages and foods. Discuss with a professional dentist to obtain the suitable teeth whitening options for the yellowish teeth.

  1. Premature Loss of tooth

Premature loss of teeth or missing teeth is another cause of smile anxiety! However, there is nothing to worry about as a number of alternative options can be used as substitution to severely damaged or missing tooth. In fact, these are all effective in case of any extracted teeth.Premature Loss of tooth - by Fitzroy Dental Practice

Its treatment options

Advanced dentistry procedures fix the issues of missing or damaged teeth perfectly. It includes dental implants, partial dentures, dental bridges and crowns. For restoring the confident smile, consult with a dentist on booking an appointment today.

  1. Bad Breathing

Are you suffering from bad breath? Of course, it is a serious matter for smile anxiety! Most people suffer from it but it can be fixed easily easiest by proper oral hygiene. Rather any professional treatments, natural remedies are best to get rid of it.

Ways for its treatment
Bad Breathing treatment - by Fitzroy Dental Practice

Follow the below natural remedies for treating bad breathing issue perfectly:

  • Regular flossing
  • Include a mouthwash in daily Dental Care Regime
  • Chew sugar-excluded gum post having meals
  • Brushing teeth is essential twice a day
  1. Crooked or Protruding teeth

Teeth can get protruded or crooked during the growth periods or at later stage of your life. Crooked smile is a common reason of smile anxiety and is treatable treated appropriately with correct orthodontic option.

Crooked Teeth Treatment - by Fitzroy Dental Practice

It treatment options

Over the decades, traditional braces are there for accounting this type of orthodontic issue. Now, along with time, the alternative clear braces are also great in fixing these issues. On its completion, the teeth will shift in its own position in 3 months by the retainers.   

  1. Teeth Enamel

It refers to the outermost hardest teeth layer. Certain foodstuffs and drinks like acidic one, fruit juices, alcoholic along with fizzy can make it soft, resulting in wearing down later. As a result, teeth nerves and teeth roots get revealed which become highly sensitive over time. Treatment options are there although quite expensive.Teeth Enamel treatment - by Fitzroy Dental Practice

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Ways for treating it

For enhancing cosmetic look and protection, the widely recommended dental treatment is tooth bonding. During a severe issue, veneer or crown prefers widely preferred and suggested for further decay.

Some natural remedies are also there:

  • Limit the consumption of sugary drinks and foods
  • Consume foods for protecting Enamel
  • Don’t over brush teeth
  • Make use of Fluoride
  • Treat eating disorders and heartburn
  • Never swim in Chlorinated pools
  • Address the dry mouth on time
  • Stop grinding the teeth
  • Go for regular Oral Checkups

Smile anxiety is resulted by numerous oral complications that if accounted on time can protect your oral health in the long haul. If, somehow any issue gets severe, right treatment is given from any of recommended dental practices in London. Before performing any procedure, its detailed information must be provided to you by the dentist.   

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