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Duplicate Content Protect
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Duplicate Content means duplicate text by creating identical text entries within one or more separate domains. Publishing interesting materials is a popular technique in the so-called content marketing, so duplication of certain blocks of text may not necessarily be deliberate and fraudulent. It is difficult to find unhealthy competition when publishing a print-ready version. Google proposes specific actions that will help us protect ourselves from duplication of content, both on our own websites and on external services.  

Correct Website Preparation

Prevention is better than cure, just like protection against Duplicate Content. Before posting content, we recommend using Google to indicate your preferred domain. 

    • It’s worth using top-level domains for different language versions of the website. A user who visits the website finds it easier to read materials in Polish than in the case of www.

Duplication of content within one domain. 

    • Duplicate content, within one domain, may appear if we create different links to the same page. An example given by Google is: www. example. com/page/, 

      www . example. com/page , 

      www . example. com/page / index. htm . 

      If the redirection is not present, search engines will read these addresses as different pages with duplicate content. 

Using redirection 301

    • Google advises you to use Redirect Permanent in a .htaccess file on your server if your site structure changes. In this way, the user and all robots will be redirected to the appropriate pages. 

Getting to know the internal content management system.

    • We will be sure where the duplicate content will be placed: an entry on the forum page may appear on the main page, in the archive or on a subpage of another category. Similarly, in the case of online stores, in which we should remember to regularly update product descriptions. 

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Repetition of content necessary on the site does not have to be done in a traditional way

    • If we need to include terms and conditions, copyright or similar information on your site, you may want to include a less comprehensive summary with a link to full information. 

Indexing pages in test versions

    • Users don’t like to view sites that are unprepared for some reason. If we absolutely provide such a product, we’ll add a noindex Meta tag to block indexing.

Avoiding low-quality content

    • Unsatisfactory factual level, repetitions, and frequent spelling errors are determinants of low-quality text (at least for the reader). Search engine robots consider text whose content is saturated with keywords, lacking the proper visual layout or incorrectly positioned as low-value material. It is worth ensuring the quality of the publications presented and observing the changes in search engine algorithms on an ongoing basis.  

Indication of the page appropriate for indexation

    • Using the rel = canonical Meta tag you can define a canonical website address that will protect our site from duplication of content.

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What should you not forget about Duplicate Content?

Unique and attractive content is an effective way to attract the attention of the target audience. Adapting the website in terms of SEO is a task for specialists. In addition to the obvious barrier of algorithms, when designing content, we should remember about the recipients of our website. It is the user who assesses the quality of the website and finally decides to return to the content placed on it. Correct site optimization will ensure a distinction from the competition. The search engine usually blocks duplicate content when it is detected, which means it stops displaying duplicate content within even different domains. Google advises that if you delete a site, it’s necessary to analyze its content. You can restore the page, but it is usually a long-term process. We save time and money by refining the content before publication. It is worth taking care of copyrights so as not to become a victim of unfriendly competition. Applying the simple rule that specialized content should only be available at one URL will help us run our site effectively. 

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Before publishing your site, it becomes necessary to check many parameters. Acting on your own can do more harm than good. It is best to entrust all tasks related to website design, a professional interactive agency that knows the rules in force in the industry and will help protect against duplicate content. Creating a unique website that will interest customers and become a recognizable business card is the key to success. 

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