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Using an UpLULA Magazine Loader has a whole load of benefits for you the shooter as well as a few for your gun. Using one is always enjoyable and convenient, and sometimes it’s almost imperative to preserve your equipment from wear. In most circumstances, it’s not entirely necessary to use a loader, but without exception, it will make your shooting experiences more enjoyable and profitable, and it will definitely help you get the most for your time at the range.

In some circumstances in which you’ll be really high volume shooting, using a mag loader is actually very important to preserve the feed ramps on your magazine as well as to minimize the discomfort you’ll experience from squeezing all those little cartridges into the magazine. Most of the time, however, it just saves you time and makes you comfortable.

Consider one of Maglula’s UpLULA Universal Pistol Magazine Loaders, available from White Knight Supply in a variety of colors. They’re capable of loading and unloading pretty much any cartridge from 9mm Luger to .45 ACP, both 1911’s and single and double-stack mags. Though there are a select few cartridges and styles of magazines that it won’t service, overall it will make your loading and unloading painless and easy. Moreover, when you consider the fact that you could be burning off a complete 16 round mag in only a few seconds and then waste a minute or more loading it up again, it really makes this thing seem like it can pay for itself.

This model fits most magazines and handles most common cartridges, and you don’t even need to make adjustments to the unit to get it to fit either. Best of all, it loads free rounds. No fumbling, no aligning, no squeezing and pressing. You just drop the cartridges in the top and it does the rest. It’s rugged, effective, light and fast. There’s not too much you have to lose except thumb and wrist pain.


Now, that type of UpLULA magazine loader is useful for those occasions when you just don’t want to waste time and hang your head against the wall loading small handgun cartridges one by one. Now consider a model like the Maglula 22 UpLULA .22LR Converted Pistol Mag Loader. Handling .22 brass is a pain in the neck on a clear, dry day. Handling .22 cartridges in the rain or in the cold? Forget it. It’s frustrating, painful, and ineffective. Those cartridges are a hassle in pleasant conditions. Drop the temps a few degrees and it can be hard to tell whether you’re holding one or twenty. Any time you plan on going to the range and burning some .22 cartridges, you’ll want to have a mag loader and unloader on hand. It takes a large share out of the fun of plinking when you know that at the end of that 30 round mag you just have to load it all up again.

Also, when you come to White Knight Supply to get your UpLULA equipment, you’ll also find Maglula loaders for other calibers as well, making it that much more enjoyable when you bring the black rifle to the range too. As easy as it is to shoot through pistol mags, it’s even easier to shoot through an AR’s mags. While it might be easier to handle those rifle cartridges, it still is far from enjoyable. Time at the range should be well spent shooting, not messing with cartridges. When you go to find yourself an UpLULA magazine loader, don’t forget to pick up a speed loader for rifle cartridges too. Find them today at WhiteKnightSupply.com.

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