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5 most useful custom shipping boxes styles

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The custom boxes are used for the transportation of different types of goods. The products that are transported in them include food items, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, apparel, electronic items, and much more. Manufacturers and suppliers trust these containers for so many reasons. These reasons include lightweight, durability, reliability, cost-effectiveness, shock resistant, easy availability, and easy handling. These reasons make such containers the most preferred solutions for the transportation of manufactured goods. These containers have been serving the manufacturing, mailing, storing, and retailing sectors for more than two centuries now. Their flexibility in usage, handiness in handling, and durability make them the most reliable packaging solutions for the shipping as well as storing purposes. Since shipping is not a one day process, the aspect of storing the containers at warehouses and storage rooms cannot be overlooked while you are choosing the cartons for the shipping of your products. If you are new to a business and are not sure about which type of shipment cartons will be THE BEST for your products, the following article will be helpful for you in this regard. In this article, you will find the five most useful custom shipping boxes styles.

1. Regular Slotted Cartons

Regular slotted cartons are the most extensively used packaging solutions for the purpose of shipment of items. As they are the most commonly used cartons, they can be seen easily around stores, outlets of courier services, and post offices. These cartons are manufactured with cardboard stock and corrugated stock. The choice of the manufacturing material depends upon the type of items that are to be placed inside the cartons. The design of such cartons is usually a rectangle that has four flaps on each opening side. Two flaps are of small size while the other two are wider comparatively. When they are closed, they join each other at the center of the box. 

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2. Half Slotted Cartons

Half slotted cartons are closed to the regular slotted cartons in design. But they are a lot more different from them in usage. These cartons do not have flaps on both sides; instead, they have flaps only on one side while the other side of the casing is wide open. Such one-sided cartons are used for multiple tasks. They are used as a covering of the containers to enhance their protection level. The addition of an outer layer protects not only the products but also their packaging as well. This technique is used for the items that are to be presented in the packed shape at an expo. This technique is also useful for the items that are to be sent overseas via cargo. The addition of covering also makes the holding, loading, and unloading of the casings easier. 

3. Full Overlap Cartons

Full overlap cartons are made with cardboard, kraft, and corrugated stock. They are mostly used for items that are fragile in nature and need additional protection. Such containers have a flap at both ends. These flaps work as shock absorbing agents and resist shocks that might occur during the cargo process. The flaps on both sides of these cartons are of equal size. In this way, they cover the container from both sides like an envelope and protect the product that is inside. You can see the flaps of such cartons overlapping each other when they are closed. These containers are mostly used for electronic and home appliances, glass-made items, and decoration items. 

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4. Double Cover Box

Double cover boxes are another useful type of custom boxes that are used for the transportation of items. These types of cartons are used for the items that are heavy in weight and tall in size. Such boxes have three pieces in total that are; base panel, body panel, and top panel. The body panel is fixed on the base panel, and then the items are placed inside them. After that, the top panel is closed. The panels at the top and bottom of the box provide protection from both sides while the body panel works as a shell and provides protection to the items that are inside. Sometimes, the base panel is included a place holder to get a firm grip on the items and enhance their protection to a maximum level. 

5. One Piece Folder

The one-piece folder is made out of cardboard stock. It is manufactured with a single sheet of cardboard that is cut into flaps, bottom, and top panel. They are mostly utilized for the packaging of items that are in the shape of a book. But they can also be used to send other items that are important for your business, such as brochures, flyers, blueprints of a project, and other important documents. 

The above-mentioned five types of boxes are the best for the shipment and cargo purposes. They are considered the best for their reliability, durability, and eco-friendly nature. 

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