Learn to Make Your Own Desk Tray from Cardboard Boxes!

Cardboard Boxes
Written by Micheal

Every desk needs some kind of organizers to make things look sane in all the other stuff that keeps piling up on the desk during the whole week and then months and years. Desk trays are one of those amazing organization tools that find their way on every type of desk without any hardship. It is because they are helpful in a lot of ways for everyone, whether it is for office use, at home, and study table, etc. they keep the items safe, organized, and makes it easy to find the right thing at the right time. Not an only organization, but it also helps in creating a professional and presentable image, especially for office use where it is important to be more presentable for the clients to get a better impression of the company.

Cardboard Boxes!

Well, there are different types of desk trays in plastic and mesh, but if you like to go for a unique and different material that is more sustainable, cardboard boxes are the way to go. Cardboard is a strong packaging material. It comes in all the different strengths from which corrugated is the strongest. You can use corrugated cardboard to make desk trays as strong as any other. There are different ways to make these trays at home all by yourself using cheap cardboard boxes, but this is all about making it easy for you and not to get you into more mess. So, here are two the easiest ways to get your astonishing desk trays.

  • Makedo Trays

Makedo offers online templates for custom desk trays that are the most convenient and the most durable when it comes to storing any number of items.

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This is the simplest and the most affordable way to make functional desk trays. You just have to gather a few supplies such as;

  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Makedo re-clips
  • The template
  • Paper cutter
  • Ruler
  • Safe-saw scorer


All you have to do is take the printout of the template.

  • Trace

Trace it on the sheet of cardboard with the help of pencil in the size you want to make your desk organizer.

  • Cutting

Cut the marked lines with the help of a sharp cutter to get the finest and accurate edges.

  • Score

Use safe-saw to score the flaps of the cardboard on the dotted lines of the template.

  • Fold

Fold the scored lines slowly and your box will take a form.

  • Attach

Take Makedo re-clips to connect the sides of the box to secure the loose ends. Securing the flaps together gives you one tray of your desk tray.

  • Stack

Here comes the need and requirement. You can use this template to make as many trays as you want and stack them one over the other to fulfil your needs in the most effective manner.

Voila! Your desk tray is ready. You can use it for storing, organizing, and also for laptop. 

… Or else you can also make one with custom tray boxes that come in with various gifts and products. These boxes are strong and customized that does not look boring as plain cardboard boxes. Take a bigger cardboard box that can take at least 3 to 4 tray boxes. Keep your tray at the bottom and secure the sides with clips or pins. Then, stack as many as you want on top of each other. Do not forget to secure them with clips so that they do not fall on each other. Why spend so much money on desk trays that serve the same purpose as DIY?You have the freedom to create designs that perfectly match your personality and needs in the most effective manner such as;

  • Adding custom stickers on the trays.
  • Adding labels on the shelves to make the organization better and storing more convenient.
  • To make it look high-end and presentable go for custom printed boxes or wrappings on the boxes.
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Making your desk trays is more fun and customizable and cheap than the one you find in the market. The most advantageous thing about these cardboard trays organizers is that they can be customized whenever you need a change. It is all up to you; how creative and imaginative you can go with your designs and style, Cardboard Boxes offer more variety for trays because of custom printing and designing. Plus custom cardboard boxes USA are not only affordable but sustainable and durable that offer more strong and sturdy organizers.

Now, the choice is yours. You want to get your organizer from the store double the price it should be or want to create your own that costs you nothing as compared to the style and functionality.

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