Major Factors to Consider while Choosing a Health Insurance in Dubai UAE

Major Factors to Consider while Choosing a Health Insurance in Dubai UAE
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Whenever you have to buy a health insurance policy, you should essentially compare different things, such as price, exclusions, and table of benefits. With the availability of multiple companies offering health insurance in Dubai, you have to analyze properly about different healthcare plans and products. This step lets you identify the best possible insurance plan. Accordingly, you have to consider the following major factors before choosing a specific plan.

Pre-existing Conditions

Pre-existing conditions refer to every type of health condition, which exists before or during the period of buying a health insurance policy. These conditions have a huge influence on the overall premium amount. A few of the insurance companies provide you complete coverage for different pre-existing conditions but charge a relatively higher premium amount. In contrast, a few other companies provide coverage after the predefined duration. In such situations, insurance coverage starts after 6months you buy an insurance policy.

Co-payments and Deductibles

Deductibles refer to fixed charges, which you have to pay from your own pocket while undergoing treatment. Companies offering health insurance in Dubai call them as co-insurance or co-payment and they are of following types-

Fixed Amount for a Single Visit

According to this type of deductible, you have to pay a specific amount, which ranges between AED20 and AED75 for every appointment you make with your doctor. Deductibles of these types are applicable only in the case of outpatient treatments i.e. treatments, which do not require hospitalization of a patient for more than 1day.

Annual Deductibles

You have to make payment a suitable amount yearly as deductibles. For instance, the company may charge an amount of AED 1,000 for each of the annual treatments you undergo. Any charge, which exceeds this is payable by your chosen insurance company. To make the most, you should select an insurance company, which provides you a low deductible amount and cashless benefit.

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Hospital Networks

Insurance companies offering health insurance in Dubai have their own networked hospitals across the country, where they exist. Thus, the selection of various hospital networks and their specific grades depends solely on a particular insurance company. Thus, checking the list of clinics, diagnostic centers, and hospitals under the medical network of a specific insurance company is essential. You should compare and buy health insurance plan in accordance with the network consisting of major hospitals provided by your chosen insurance company.

You should keep in mind that you may need medical treatment at any phase of your life and hence, it is essential than your chosen health insurance coverage offers multiple specialties hospitals. The reason for this is that treatment within a particular network hospital is often cashless and takes place via direct billing. Treatment outside of the hospital network takes place according to reimbursement. Hence, it is recommendable to select a health insurance provider, who gives you coverage for each of the major hospital networks available across the country and that too on a cashless basis. In this way, you will avoid the hassle of doing the paperwork to obtain reimbursement.

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